Jem: Fight or FlightMature

"Do I even have a choice?" I asked, glaring behind Griever at the surrounding monsters.

Griever laughed, his knuckles white around his dagger. "No, I don't think you do."

I grinned in reply, grateful to have my own knife in my hands once more. "There's your answer, then."

The fae came closer, before lunging forward, yelling and swinging stolen swords. I was there first, meeting the first creature, and slitting a long gash up its sword arm, causing it to drop its weapon. I slit its throat before it could retrieve it. The next was Griever's kill, even without his sword, he was a powerful adversary, and I glanced up at him, glad he was on my side. He flashed me a grin as another powerful creature slammed into him, but I was busy fighting off my own onslaught and I didn't have much time to be concerned for him. We fought back to back, in perfect unison. It was like we were born to fight together.

Then I saw it, the massive eagle that had carried me away. Still in beast form, I thanked every god I could think of as an idea occurred to me.

I pointed with my dagger at the bird, and Griever saw it. "I will kill tear it apart for kidnapping you." He growled, but I shook my head.

"It's our ticket out of here. Cover me!" I rushed toward a nearby tent, grabbing the ropes that held it secure, cutting them free of the canvas and tying them swiftly into a kind of harness. Behind me, Griever shouted in rage at the continuous onslaught. I grabbed his arm. 

"On my count, run for the eagle." I didn't even wait for a reply before I shouted, "Now!" 

Swords swinging at us, I caught several cuts across my arms and legs and body, but we dealt as much damage as we could as we ran for the bird. I threw the rope contraption over its neck and leapt onto its back. Griever, a step behind me, caught a sword's blow across his back, but he grabbed onto the ropes hanging down as the bird began to flap violently in indignation at its unexpected passengers. As we took of, someone else grabbed onto the ropes beside Griever, and I glanced down to see Kiara, hanging from the eagle, her hair blowing wildly in the wind from the eagle's wings.

"Hang on!" I shouted, kicking the eagle with my heals like I would a horse. The bird flew into the air, flapping mightily, and lifting us out of the throng. Several of the fae turned into birds to chase us, but none were as large as the one we were riding, and they were simply sent into spiraling falls by the downdraft caused by the massive wings. I threw my whip into the eagle's large beak, and using it like reigns, I steered the bird towards the castle. Griever climbed up painfully behind me, pulling Kiara up behind him. They were both bleeding from wounds from the battle, but I couldn't see anything serious. I turned back to the Fae eagle concentrating on keeping it obedient.

"You couldn't wait for us to get on before you took off?" He said, jokingly. I didn't reply, only revelling in the sound of his voice, and the warmth of him behind me. I kicked the bird again, urging it to greater speeds. Reluctantly, it obeyed me, flapping its wings harder and we sailed over the forest.

"Wait until Kate and Corin see this."

The End

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