Griever: Fight or DieMature

"Can you fight?"

"Do I even have a choice?"

Griever laughed, gripping his dagger tightly. "No, I don't think you do."

Jem grinned grimly beside him and placed her own dagger in front of her. "There's your answer, then."

The two Hawks readied themselves to fight the dozens of fae standing before them.




"Are you leading me to another trap?" Griever growled at large wolf-fae to his right. The beast had seemed like the one leading the others.

"We lead you to our camp," the fae growled, "Where your girl is."

"She better be alive, fae, else these blades pierce your throat."

"She is bait," the fae retorted, "And good bait at that." A laugh seemed to escape the muzzle of the beast. Griever growled but kept his mouth shut. He could have kept his sword and charged through but it was likely that these fae would have ran away from their base. Annoying things. Wasn't their own world good enough?

After an hour of marching through the woods, the group came upon a campfire. The first thing Griever noticed was the lack of animals. Almost all the fae here were in human shape. Had Griever not known it was a fae camp, he would have thought... Beasts! They were getting smarter.

The rest of the camp was covered in simple bonfires and hammocks - most likely stolen from abandoned sights from the wear they had. It was a motley camp, but a great disguise for these damned fae.

Jem was beside a bonfire near the middle of the camp. She was a beautiful sight, but signs of bruising on her arms made Griever have to fight his anger for control. He focused on her behavior instead. Unlike normal prisoners, Jem looked like an impatient guest at a party. One who was waiting for their opportunity to leave. Just like a Night Hawk.

Griever made his way over to her, both blades still in his hands. The Fae watched him, but seemed to be waiting for something. Bloody beasts... It was probably a trap.

"Its good to see your face hasn't grown any less beautiful, my lady," Griever said casually, still fighting the urge to kill.

Jem's head jerked up to look at him. At first she seemed to smile, but it turned into an angry face just a moment after. "You idiot!" She yelled, not caring that the fae were moving around them, "How stupid of a man are you, running into an ambush like this!?"

Griever chuckled. He was relieved to see she wasn't hurt. Around them, quite a few fae - still in human form - had gathered. This wasn't going to be easy. He tossed Jem her knife. "I may have gotten it a little dirty with fae blood," he said slowly, "But you'll have to get me for that later. Can you stand?"

"Of course I can," Jem muttered, ignoring Griever's outstretched hand and standing slowly. "I'm no fragile girl."

"Of course not. Can you fight?"

It was only moments til Griever and Jem fought against nearly impossible odds.

The End

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