Kiara: FinchMature

"You're not doing it right."

Kiara glared at Puck, who happened to be sitting on the grass as an innocent looking toad.

"Is this some elaborate prank of yours?" she asked suspiciously, staring at her empty hand.

The toad sighed, hopping and becoming tall-elven-Puck mid-hop. He got to his feet, pulling his leather gloves tighter onto his spidery fingers.

"Contrary to what you might believe, firebird, this is no trick." Puck sighed, turning one of his hands over in demonstration.

A blue flame hopped to life, dancing over his covered palm. 

Kiara turned her own hand over to no avail.

"This is ridiculous."

And with that she plopped herself down onto the hill, picking up her crossbow and tinkering with its mechanisms.

Puck sat down beside her, procuring another apple from the air and biting into it casually.

"You're much too cold for your own good." he sighed, "And if you keep acting so human you'll never get any kind of magical ability."

"Is that such a bad thing?" Kiara asked absentmindedly.

In reply Puck grabbed the crossbow out of her hands, running a few paces before turning around and taking aim.

Kiara felt her hand jerk up and looked on in shock to see she had caught the bolt.

"How did-what-"

"Magic, my dear," Puck interrupted, "Is a force limited only by your imagination. Now, if you're an unimaginative bore that's hardly my fau-"

Kiara interrupted him, curiously eying the bolt in her fingers.

"Do you use magic to give yourself clothes when you transform too?"

Puck smirked, shrugging mischievously.

"Yes, but if you prefer otherwise-"

"-and the apples...magic?"

He looked at Kiara with a hint of incredulousness.

"Of course. Do you even have to ask?"

She stared off at the horizon before replying.

"I want to know the limits of this magic. I want to study it...a new frontier of science entirely..."

Kiara turned over her hand, and an orange flame appeared in it instantaneously.

"Would you look at that! Very impressive!" Puck cheered. 

She created another in her other hand and started to juggle them, remembering the things she had learned in her time with the gypsy caravan. 

"Another hidden talent!" Puck whooped, "You are full of surprises, aren't you?"

Kiara shot the fire at his head but he held up a hand and it fizzled into oblivion.

"I guess even magic can't shut you up." she chuckled, turning to head back towards the camp.

Puck turned into a finch and landed on her shoulder as she bent down to retrieve her crossbow.

"Now, now," he chirped, "We both know you adore me, firebird."

"In your dreams, Puck."

"I'll have you know that my dreams are usually premonitions."

Kiara tuned out the fae's incessant chirping and walked on, until she felt Puck scratching at her shoulder.

"What is it?" she muttered, wishing she could flick the bird off.

"I hate to disturb you, but you're being followed."

She barely had time to freeze before she heard the whistle of an arrow, turning to see it had been suspended harmlessly in the air an inch from her forehead.

It dropped to the ground shortly afterwards, but Kiara was already running toward the camp.

"Thanks for that, Puck." she managed to wheeze as soon as she had emerged into the clearing.

"That wasn't me." he chirped, "You're catching on quickly."

The End

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