The Fae have returned. Sneaking throughout the camp, I've gathered information about the Fae and my fellow Hawks. It seems the Hawks have gained a new alliance with the Hood. That fellow is a character, hitting on all of the women, and boasting with all the men. Although it is kind of irritating, he has a sense of honesty; when I look at Robin Hood, I see a genuine quality to him. I feel as if, even though he seems to be this man of rash decisions and inappropriate words; he's also a man who would suffer for a stranger.

      It's fitting that he should know Griever, as they are very much alike, or use to be very much alike. Griever has changed, in some ways matured, and come to grow roots. 




(This is all I've got tonight.. It's 1:30a.m. and I'm kind of running out of fuel and motivation.)

The End

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