Griever: Return of the FaeMature

Well, some people were getting along rather nicely.

Griever smiled as he left Kate's location and headed back to where Jem and Robin waited. With a scouting party to lead and another secret to keep, this day was getting more and more interesting. 

"All right, ladies," Griever yelled to the ones who Jem had hand-picked to go on the trip with us, "Kate is bringing us some supplies. Grab them and be ready in an hour down by the large oak on the edge of camp." The place I had designated was symbolic to this area for some reason. I had no idea since I hadn't been in the Hawks for that long. Or had I been? TIme seemed to flow faster with this team. 

"Griever, a word?" Griever nodded to Jem and followed her out of earshot from the other Hawks and Robin, who was smiling evilly. Maybe Jem just wanted away from him. Or maybe he had been flirting with her. Not cool, Robin... "It's about Robin."

Knew it. "What did he do now?"

Jem shook her head. "It's not that. It's how he reacted when Kiera came over to talk to me..."

Now that was curious. Was Robin hitting on Kiera now? "Did he... mess with her?"

Jem shook her head, looking worried. "I've been doing this since I was young, Griever," she said, making sure to keep her voice low, "I have seen soldiers give off killing intent. It shows most in their eyes. Robin... He gave off that killing intent when he saw Kiera. He looked ready to kill her and anyone that interfered."

Griever nodded. That was surely odd, but maybe just a coincidence? "Kiera might have looked like an old enemy, Jem."

Jem glared at him. "It was the same when Ali walked by."

Ali? Well, she was a monstrous little thing. "She is creepy..."

"It's just odd," she continued. "Keep an eye on him or I will. Understand?"

Griever bowed deeply. "Yes, my lady," he said, using the words the Marshal had used earlier. Jem just rolled her eyes and walked off toward the others. She didn't make it obvious, but Griever knew she was keeping a hard watch on Robin. Well, then...


It was several hours later that Griever and his small group reached the Sheriff's mansion. Well, mansion was just a word. It was really a fortress. Was this really where they had kept Kate and the Marshall? 

In Griever's party was Ashley, a damn good archer and not bad on the face, Jem, as fine as ever, Rowan, still someone Griever was uncomfortable around, Jess, nice legs, Lianne, great rear, and Robin, who looked as cheerful as ever. Why, it was a nice group, despite the curiosity Griever had about Robin now. Was the man really against Kiera and Ali? And why? Ali was a Fae, so that was a decent reason, but Kiera? She was as human as they came as far as Griever knew.

"Ashley and Lianne," Griever called, "Move around the back, but stick to the woods. See if they have any sentries there. Rowan and Jess, move around the other way for the same reasoning. Jem and Robin, you are with me." Griever moved forward with his group, well aware of Jem glaring at both Robin and himself from behind. 

Robin seemed to notice, but thought it was something it was not. "I can leave you two alone, if that's what you want? I know you would love the alone time."

"Don't poke the lion, Robin," Griever told him, "And right now, I am not the lion."


That was odd. Griever looked back to see why the Hero of Nottingham had stopped, only to see the man staring at a tree. His eyes were exactly as Jem had described them earlier, too. Griever knew that narrow gaze and serious face from many a man on the battlefield. 

In one fell swoop, Robin pulled an arrow, set it, then released. 

Both Jem and Griever froze. The arrow pierced the tree, slicing a moth in half. Aside from the expert marksmanship, what made Griever surprised was the human-like corpse that appeared in two pieces where the moth had been. 


"Robin, did you..?"

Robin laughed nervously. "Sorry, old pal, but I now that you know things like that exist..."

Jem beat me to it. "Fae!"

Robin blinked a few times. "Well... yes. How did you know?"

Griever sighed. "We have fought them... We actually had to drive them back. How did you know that was a Fae? Wait... why are you here?"

Robin looked to Jem, who was glaring now, then to Griever, who was starting to piece things together. He sighed in defeat. "OK, OK, I'm here to kill these damn Fae. They... Took over Nottingham..."

The End

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