Kate: Taking ChargeMature

"What news?" I asked, standing as soon as Griever and Robin appeared. We had gone to our second camp, the newest one and I had been preparing arrows. Corin had been pacing since we'd arrived and was not speaking. Now however he looked ready for battle. 

"They have the Captain."

Corin cursed and kicked a tree stump. 

"Calm down Corin." I reprimanded him. He looked surprised. "Do you trust him to not reveal anything under torture?"

"I don't know... I'd trust him, but we both know what the Sheriff likes torture wise..." He pointed out and I tightened the grip I had on my bow. Oh yes, I knew all too well. 

"It sounds like this Sheriff would be friends with the Sheriff of Nottingham." Robin said, frowning. 

I ignored him. 

"Well, it seems we must tailor our plan to involve a rescue mission. Jem, you know the plan, distribute the Hawks. Griever, keep an eye on Robin."

Griever looked like he was going to groan but Robin beat him to it. 

"What Lady? Would you not rather do that yourself?" He grinned and winked at me. I saw Corin grip his sword tightly and step forward. 

"Griever, if Robin does anything to cause us trouble, and that includes distracting any of my girls, you are to pack him in to a barrel with breathing holes and send him back to Nottingham where they are used to his antics." Robin grinned at me again and I turned my back on him. "We move within the hour. Move."

People dispersed, Jem shouting orders at Hawks, Griever patting Robin on the back and roaring with laughter at his friend's expression and Corin... towards me. I ignored him and headed for the forest. I had weapons stored in a hollow tree and needed to hand them out. 

"Kate." Corin murmured, catching up with me and taking my arm. 

"I have to get weapons." I said. 

"You have a moment."

I sighed. 

"What?" I replied softly, facing him. 

"Why is Robin Hood here?"

"Griever is friends with him. He came to visit at the right time."

"He flirts with you." He reached up and stroked my hair gently, trailing his rough fingers against my jaw. I felt my breath catch. 

"He flirts with everyone." I reasoned.

"I didn't like it." He replied, his voice low, stepping closer. 

"I noticed." I whispered. 

"I think that's a good thing." He finished, pressing me gently against a tree with his torso. 

"I...." I couldn't think of anything to say. My head had suddenly become heavy and foggy. He chuckled gently and moved his fingers to my chin, hooking it and dragging it up. 

"I don't want him flirting with you."

"Corin I need to..."

"I don't want anyone flirting with you. I want you all to myself." He murmured, and then he dropped his hand and stepped back. "Best get those weapons." He smirked. 

I let out a strangled breath and flung myself against him. Fingers curling in to his hair I kissed him, his arms wrapped themselves around my waist and he dragged me to him. We struggled with each other, trying to keep kissing while we stumbled blindly on the forest floor. I felt him jolt as he hit a tree but he just pulled me closer and our breathing became heavy as we found the stability of a tree to lean against. He broke from my lips and began kissing my jaw and then my neck. I felt his stubble scratching against me and welcomed it; it felt good. I gasped as I dropped my head back, allowing him full access to my neck. 

"Ahem." I jumped and opened my eyes, hand flying to my dagger. One of Corin's hands had left my waist and gripped his sword. Griever stood before us, grinning. 

"Well, I know the idea of battle gets my blood pumping but..." He trailed off, still grinning. I gulped a couple of breaths and stood away from Corin. His hand dropped from my waist. 

"What do you want Griever?"

"Just to tell you that you might want to hurry up. Robin is determined to take a small party forward first to get a look around, and Jem is starting to agree with him."

"Is it a bad idea?"

"With him leading it, when he doesn't know the layout? Yes. But with someone else, no."

"Then you can lead it. I need to get weapons, I'll be back momentarily."

"Sure." Griever grinned at the both of us again. 

"Griever, not a word." I threatened. 

"My lips are sealed." He winked, and then turned and ran back towards the camp. 

I glanced at Corin. He was grinning. 

"What?" I asked. 

"I can't wait to do that again." 

"Back off." I warned him. "You're a distraction." I turned and headed to the hollow tree, yanking off the moss that covered the hole and pulling out the weapons. "Here." I tossed a pack of them to Corin. "Make yourself useful and help me carry them back."

"Yes my lady." He grinned, and turned to walk back. 

I took a deep breath and stared after him. Oh this was not good. 

The End

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