Griever: ScoutingMature

"So what is it we are doing again, my dear friend?" Robin Hood said from a tree. A very high tree near the Sheriff's lovely home. Griever was just below him in a perfect spying spot for the road leading to the castle. Just below... 

Griever decided he would have to bring Jem here and take position in the tree for a great view.

"Scouting out the Sheriff's place, Robin," Griever told the smaller man, focusing on watching the road once more. The tree the legendary bandit was in hid him almost perfectly from the castle, but didn't do much if someone was walking up the road. 

"And why do I have to come along?"

Griever sighed. Despite Robin Hood's fame and origin, Kate had somehow roped him into coming with Griever to scout out the location of the 'Falcons.' It wasn't that Griever didn't like Robin - in fact, it was reassuring to have such a powerful ally to back him up - but the man treated everything as a joke. Sure, Griever did too, but he was starting to see how annoying it was. 

"Do you see anything up there?"

Robin sighed loudly, obviously making his dislike of being ordered around audible. "No activity that I can see. There's not even a guard at any of the sentry points." Robin hopped down from the tree and crouched beside Griever. "I sense a bait and trap, 'Lionhawk.'"

"I don't know what to think about that nickname, even now." Griever started to move toward the castle and out of his hiding spot. "I guess I'll see what kind of trap it is."

Griever moved toward the castle very carefully. He watched every inch of the castle, trusting Robin to watch the road, while moving. Any movement and he would flee. After all, this could just be a setup for an archer attack and Griever was a whole man, not a hole man. Women wouldn't like a man full of holes anyway.

Nothing happened even when Griever was in clear view of the castle. If anyone was spying or looking out a window in the Sheriff's place, they would see Griever easily in the daylight. Why didn't they attack, then? More than likely, the soldiers had records of him. After all, after the incident with Kate being kidnapped, Griever had rarely donned the Night Hawks mask. With his fierce beard and man of golden hair, the soldiers were not likely to forget him.

So, why weren't they taking the chance to take out such a powerful guy?

Griever walked back over to where Robin hid, watching for movements from the castle. Beasts! It was like walking away from a Hawk who hated you because you smacked her backside. Turn your back too soon and you were dead. Turn your back too late and she had one of her friends take you out. Luckily, Griever had Robin watching his back now. 

"I was right!" Robin Hood said with a grin of satisfaction. 

"So, they want us to come inside the castle, huh?" Griever said to himself, ignoring the walking legend gloat in making a right guess. At least Griever only went after women and battle. They were things he could handle. Traps like these... Well, Griever had learned to never underestimate a trap from a desperate man. 

"Soldiers!" Robin whispered furiously, pointing down the road, "Blend into the woods." Sure enough, there was a full battalion walking up the road towards the Sheriff's castle. From the looks of it, they were protecting something.

Griever did as his companion said and moved backwards, making sure his head was covered in the greenery of the plants behind them. Hair like his would stick out easily. The soldiers passed without so much as looking into the small amount of woods near the castle. They weren't that vigilant...

It was kind of funny, really, how lacking they seemed. These were men who were supposedly trained to fight any enemy of the people - or, rather, the Sheriff - yet they lacked the true essence of a soldier. There was little to no sense of coordination between the men, despite how close together they marched, and it made for plenty of holes in the defense. From past experiences, Griever knew they lacked fighting abilities,too, and the lack of experience in fighting was the worst of the downfalls. 

With the Marshall's men - after the alliance - it was different. They had the experience and trained with diligence to fight a foe greater than any regular man. The Marshall himself was a man Griever didn't know if he could beat in a one-on -one. These 'Faclons' were changing into ideal soldiers while their comrades stayed in their same sorry state.

"Griever." Robin pointed to a gap in the formation of soldiers. Griever would have been annoyed at that large of a gap in a so-called military force if not for who he saw being drug along by two large men.

A bloody captain of the Marshall's. 

The End

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