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Eternal Lion sliced another small tree in half as Griever slung the blade with precise movements. How many trees did this make? Seventy? From the exhaustion in his arms, it seemed like a lot more. The calm of late had made Griever weak! Why hadn't he been practicing!? Jem occupied his thoughts, and usually most of his free time with a chore list, and that made him forget to train.

Well, with the Falcons pretty much doing the Hawk's work, there was nothing to really train for. The Fae were gone and their portal smashed, the soldiers never tried to find and attack the Hawks, and even the other Hawks didn't want to train. All things pointed to a quiet life. 

Why, then, did Griever feel this need to get better? Was it that Fae? The lion one? He was so much stronger than Griever... Not to mention the other Fae who had nearly taken his arm... If that thing had entered the battle... No, it hadn't. And the portal was gone. There was no reason to train. But... 

Griever grabbed his chest where his mother's rosary was hidden. What could he do? Try to give up the sword and part of himself? Or focus on the sword and risk going back to be a mercenary? Sure, Griever had chosen to be a Hawk, but without battles to govern or fight, what good was he? 

Well, there WAS a lot of women... Yeah.. that was something. And there was Jem... No, forget that. She was a woman a man didn't mess with without coming away missing very important pieces... He would have to fight, maybe even with Eternal Lion, just to subdue her. 

Why did that excite Griever?

"Training again?"

Griever nearly jumped as Jem came out of the woods. "You know," he said with a sly smile, "You are probably one of the very few still able to sneak up on me. I wonder how you would fare in a fight with me."

Jem smiled and stretched her bow. "I'm more of a ranged person, but I can use a whip. If you really want to test me out? It's been a while since we had a fight anyway."

Why was she so... relaxed? Well, no matter. Griever was excited to see what exactly Jem could do. "Alright, then it's a duel!" Griever sheathed his sword and picked up a cut tree. After breaking off a few branches and making it shorter, he had a nice blade. Heavier than Eternal Lion, of course, but easy to use nonetheless.

Jem pulled her whip and the duel began!

As the norm for a whip-user, Jem struck in a long horizontal manner. Griever smiled as he ducked and rushed forward. Just as he was close enough, Griever swung downwards toward Jem. He did not fear hurting or even hitting her and there was no need for it; Jem moved at the last second and struck again. 

The battle went on like that for some time. Griever would evade or stop an attack and move in and Jem would move at the last second. She sometimes tried to attack with her fists or feet as she dodged, but Griever was used to fighting fae. This battle was a fight of skill and reflex. Griever had the skill of hundreds of battles and Jem the reflexes and body of a cat. She gracefully dodged and reacted to everything Griever did. 

It was beautiful.

And that thought is what made Griever mess up and trip on a branch. Jem took advantage of the moment and kicked Griever in the chest. Beasts! Did she always have this much strength? Griever couldn't stop himself as he hit the ground. Before he could even raise his make-shift weapon, Jem was sitting on top of him with her hands holding down his own arms and a knife in her mouth. 

Had... Had he just lost? 

"Well, I see you're still hitting on women, just in a more... unique way."

Jem immediately jumped off Griever and stood facing the voice, knife and whip facing the new person leaning against a tree. Griever had to stand up to see the man's face to make sure, but an identity had already come to mind.

"Well, 'Bird in Battle' it's certainly been a while."

The man had a green hat of a particular shape, as well as dark green clothing and his face had a small beard. Sharp blue eyes regarded the woman facing him. From the look of Jem's surprised face, she had connected everything. Yes, this was none other than...

"Robin Hood?" Jem said softly, lowering her weapons. 

The Hood bowed. "Indeed, my lovely lady." He looked at Griever, who was just now getting up. "Do they all make such a charming greeting?"

Griever laughed, though mainly at Jem's face. "I'm afraid so, Robin."

Maybe things would be more interesting....

The End

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