Dreda: A Certain TwistMature

  It's amusing how broken-hearted the young female Hawks are. How close they've grown to the soldiers. It's as if the soldiers have come and stuck a knife in all the Hawks' hearts and slowly twisted it with time only to pull it out; leaving a scar. Of course, I should sympathize with them, considering I have felt the same before leaving my homeland.

   I don't feel much pity for the Night Hawks who have fallen with the soldiers. They seem to have done what they wanted without thinking of the consequences of their actions. A fool's game, but a most commonly played one. In the wisdom of my tribe we have tried to understand the heart of the people. There is lust and there is love. 

   Many fall in lust with one-another and few fall in love. It's good that my tribe knows the difference between the two. Kate and the Marshall have broken apart, slightly tearing my heart in the process. When two soul-mates foolishly throw their love away, not trying for a compromise, it hurts me. Not many know this, but I have a compassionate heart.

   All this tumbles through my mind as I walk around the camp grounds, watching as the last beautiful colors of sunset streak the sky. In my homeland, many of my people would be preparing for the end of a long day of labor. I sigh, I miss my homeland very much.

   Snap, a twig is broken and I perk up, listening carefully for any more noises in the dark. Crack, another noise and I have one of my daggers out, ready and willing to kill. Crash, a final clattering comes from inside of Kiara's tent. I slowly make my way over, but as I get closer, something changes inside.

   Voices are within and it seems that Kiara is having a conversation with someone. No, something and it seems that something is indeed a Fae. I peek through a slash in the tent and spot a hideous creature almost too ugly for description. I don't attempt to go in and help, Kiara seems to be managing well on her own, making conversation to buy time.

   The Fae leaps onto Kiara and a few moments later is lying on a cot, almost too shocked to move. I smirk, wondering what Kiara hit the Fae with.

   "Iron," Kiara pauses, as if hearing my thoughts. "Wonderful, isn't it?"

   She speaks a few more things to the Fae, then runs a hand through it's fur. I walk away, giggling to myself. She doesn't need my help, I think to myself.

   "What's funny?" I turn swiftly, readjusting my dagger. Expecting to see an enemy, instead I see a silhouette of a man. 

   I squint, slightly, before sheathing my dagger. "What do you want?"

   "Me? I am only wondering what amuses a mutt." The man spits into the dirt, using the word mutt, as a curse.

   A shame, honestly, this man could have become an ally. Like the other Hawks, he thinks calling me names is an offense; I almost laugh out loud. The only thing that would make me angry enough to fight him were to be if he threatened me or someone I do consider an ally. I shake my head slightly, then turn around.

   "Why are you walking off? I only want an answer for my simple question." He grabs my arm tightly, thinking that will be enough to keep me within his company. I face him and recognition passes over me, as I realize he is one of the soldiers from the Marshall's company. 

   "I was laughing simply because I can." I try to shake off his arm, no such luck. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I must leave your presence and inform my leader that one of the soldiers has not left our camp."

   The young soldier looks startled at first, probably confused as to how I know he is a soldier. He lets go of my arm and takes two steps away before replying. "I am no longer a soldier. I wish to join the Night Hawks instead."

   I tilt my head to the side. "Then why were you harassing me just now?" 

   "I-I didn't think. I'm sorry for my foolish behavior. Forgive me?" He asks, stuttering.

   "Pay me six pence and I won't harm you. Although, I can't speak much for the others, considering you were supposed to leave a while ago." I shake my head. Is this fool honestly staying because of a young Night Hawk? Risking his life and respect from his comrades? 

   He must have seen my thoughts in my eyes because he replies quickly. "No, no. I mean, I truly don't want to be part of the Sheriffs government anymore. What the Night Hawks do is what I want to be a part of. I truly am sorry for my careless words and actions." He says sadly, reaching into his pouch for my six pence.

   "Ugh, alright. I will help you, but I want more than six pence for it. Plus, we need to go straight to the leader of the Night Hawks." I eye him up and down for a moment. "Don't look so cocky, it will catch a certain attention you could go without."

    He looks at me, astonished at my kindness. As I could very well be risking my place here, but I will be leaving in a few months. I have learned almost all I need to learn about this land. I have been gone for quite some time. I don't know why I am helping this fellow, who only moments before was threatening me. Maybe it's because I know he is sincere about his wanting to become a Night Hawk? No, it's because I see a kindness in his heart that not many have.

   A kindness he's not aware of, but one I will make him aware of. 

The End

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