Dreda: Never-Ending BattleMature

   I pant, worried about everyone, even though they are not of my blood. It's like I've somehow adopted them into my heart and I'm not sure I like it. I walk towards the battle, gathering information, readying myself. A little late to the battle, mainly because I was with Kate's group, but not exactly with them. I wasn't really equated into the plan of things when it came to fighting the Fae.

   Not that they purposefully kept me out of the loop, but because I am one of those people that are forgotten or overlooked. It doesn't really bother me; I use it to my advantage, which is one of the reasons I am such a good warrior. Kate's group got a bit lost, but luckily Kate knows this forest, so we were able to find our way back to the beginning of a war between human and Fae.

   I unsheathe my new sword that one of the men were kind enough to make and I adjust my spears. I deeply inhale and exhale, then picture in my mind the foul creatures that captured me. I hear a roar so loud and so full of anger that I cringe. Inside of that roar, I hear a hint of pain. The roar is so powerful that all the Fae and human alike turn for a moment. I examine the enemy while I can, trying to sum up what we're up against. 

   Creatures like I've never seen before stand a few feet away, rebelling against the thought that they don't exist. Some with gills, feathers, claws, talons, beaks, and scales. They are some that are usual animals like rabbits, deer, tigers, panthers, wolves, and more. After a moment of everyone staring towards Griever and a lion, two more men come up and take a fighting stance, obviously planning on helping Griever. 

   Then, as if someone snapped their fingers the battle starts again, more ferocious. I start to run and then I let out my battle scream, the traditional scream of the Omoutti warriors. A few Fae turn towards me and I engage battle with them. Swinging my sword with great accuracy and speed, knowing my opponents are underestimating me, I nick a Fae. With my free hand I grab my dagger, one of them, and embed it into a type of merman. 

   The merman staggers and falls with a startled look on its face. I turn away and slice through another opponent's skin; something black and thick oozes slowly out of the cut. A human-looking black fist connects with my jaw and before I have time to react, I fall on my side. My sword flies out of my hand and I quickly jump up. I pull out a spear and a dagger, ready to engage battle with the Fae who attacked me. A black, tall creature looking slightly human stands before me. It has no face, no eyes, no lips, just a blank slate with an opening that reveals three rows of sharp, pointed teeth.

   I'm surprised such a creature exists, but I jab at it with my spear, hoping it can be killed. The hand-carved spear that I spent hours on breaks off into the thick skin and it lets out a tormented scream. I throw away the broken spear and start to charge at it. As I'm about to collide with the wounded thing, I turn left and then right. I slide behind it and under, then I thrust my dagger into the back of its knee. The thing collapses as I stand. I see my sword in another Fae's hand and I use my dagger to slice that Fae's neck and quickly grab my sword. Without stopping, I turn 'round and bring my sword down on the black Fae.

   When I bring my sword down, the Fae's head pops off with a gurgling sound and I then turn to partake battle with two Fae. I take deep breaths while fighting with ease, albeit with a sudden heaviness on my limbs. I could feel the very ache of exhaustion enveloping my entire body. 

   Will this battle ever end? Is this a Never-Ending Battle? I think to myself, having to concentrate. A wisp of hair crosses my face and I throw even more energy into fighting these Fae. We will win this Never-Ending Battle.

The End

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