Griever: Three MenMature

Griever dodged another blow from a wolf-fae, then retaliated by punching the creature in the stomach with his off hand. Another two replaced the fallen Fae and Griever was soon swinging his blade wildly to keep from getting overwhelmed. How many of the creatures were going to come out of that cave! By the Beasts! 


Griever sliced another Fae, this one a stag, and turned to see George and a regiment of soldiers running towards him. They had broken through, then? Perfect! "Men! To me!"

The force of men fought the Fae as a group then. Griever was at the front, but fell back when he became too tired. The men worked surprisingly well together. Among the couple dozen around him, Griever cold see Hawks, soldiers, and villagers together in his group. When had they became comrades? Well, he was used to this, but still.... 

Griever moved forward to fight. He caught a glimpse of Jem and Kate. They both seemed fine, other than their groups being pushed back, so he didn't have to worry so much. A green thing Griever recognized from description ran through the Fae, biting necks and killing with ease. Ali was truly a monster. But, one they could rely on. 

Griever fought with his men and directed them towards Kate's group. They seemed to be low on men and were losing ground. "We reinforce the Night Hawk leader! All men, break through!" Griever plunged his blade into the nearest Fae and dodged another of the creatures attacks. How many had emerged already? 

Then, Griever had an idea. 

"Men, join Kate's ranks!" He shouted, then pulled George from the fighting. "I need you to tell Kate that I'll be back, alright?"

George looked shocked, but nodded. "Where are you going, Lionhawk?"

Griever smiled as he pulled his belt knife. "I am getting my sword back!"

With that, Griever abandoned his group and started fighting his way to the cave. The Fae feared Eternal Lion, right? Maybe it was some sort of Anti-Fae weapon. It HAD been found in ruins and the Fae did exist.... 

Animals of various types surrounded Griever in an instant. Had he not been practicing for the last few days, this would be the end. But.... Griever stabbed a wolf, then sliced the neck of a panther before kicking a fox near his feet. He could do this! And maybe Jem would see and be impressed. That could be-

Griever's thoughts were interrupted as a lioness jumped from the crowd. Griever reacted quickly, stabbing the creature and watching it fall on another Fae. Well, he didn't know they had lions in their mix. Maybe there would be an elephant? Griever prepared for the next Fae, but it didn't come.

Around him, Fae backed away. They still fought in other areas against the rest of the allied forces, but they had stopped attacking Griever. Why? Then, he noticed it. The Fae were staring at the dead lioness. Was that their queen then?

No, it was simply a mistake on Griever's part. 

Ahead, moving from the confines of the cave, came a creature vast in size. It stood on all fours, like most of the Fae, and seemed to dwarf even the humans in it's size. Around it's head was a massive mane and in it's mouth were teeth yellow and sharp. By the Beasts! This was a lion!

"Who killed Elenere?!" The massive lion shouted, eyes locking on the lionesses body. The question was answered when a Fae nodded toward Griever. The lion roared, making most the battlefield quieten. Well, this was just fantastic. A fight with the very creature Griever idolized. Awesome. Just awesome.

Griever dodged as the beast pounced at him, only to be knocked down by the lion's paw. "I, Herast, will eat you!" the lion roared as he pounced again. Griever dodged and tried to slice the creature's front leg, but the lion was too fast. 

"Come on, I would taste terrible, anyway," Griever said to himself. The lion regarded him with hatred. This was not good. It had power and speed as an advantage, not to mention it's allies that surrounded Griever. Sure, they stayed back now, but for how long would they tolerate it?

The lion roared and ran straight at Griever. So fast! 

Griever threw his knife and dodged to the right. Herast dodged the thrown blade and started his charge again. Griever had been too slow to dodge this time and took the lion's massive headbutt to the gut. Such power! The wind was knocked from Griever's lungs and he rolled a little ways away. 

"Get up, human!" Herast roared, "I want you to pay before you die!"

Griever stood, if a little shakily, and readied his sword. It wasn't the best blade, so he didn't dare block with it. If it broke, he truly was going to die. "Bring it on, kitty cat!" Griever called. 

The Fae roared once more, this time with even more anger - if that was possible - and charged. Griever positioned his blade and readied himself. All he needed to do was get in an good thrust and he would be good. The Fae would be dead and he could fight his way to the cave. 

Griever thrusted his blade forward...

... and watched as the lion grabbed it in his teeth and broke it.

"Well, what do you know..." Griever was tossed to the ground as Herast headbutted him once more. He groaned and rolled to over so he could stand. It seemed like he wouldn't reclaim Eternal Lion or live. What an unlucky day.

"Die, human!" the Fae roared, preparing to pounce. 

"Not yet!" 

Griever looked to his side and saw Corin and Rowan. They were covered in blood and cuts, but nothing that seemed severe. How had they managed to get here? Well, however they had, it seemed as though Griever owed them.

"Can you stand?" Corin asked, tossing a sword on the ground in front of Griever then pulling his own. 

Griever took the blade and stood. "Of course I can!"

Herast roared once more, then charged.

The End

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