Jem: TurmoilMature

Without thinking, I shot and fired a narrow, aiming it at a tree inches from the Marshall's nose.

"I don't think so." I said, jumping into the trees. "If Kate wants to be a coward, then so be it. We shall press on without her."

"Jem," Griever began, still between me and the Marshall. "Kate's entire group is missing, we need all the numbers--"

"Then they can catch up." I cut him off, in no mood to hear reason. "We follow the plan. We retake the forest. We destroy the portal, and take back our home and way of life."

There were scattered cheers, but they were silenced by the sounds of heavy feet snapping branches and rustling leaves all around our army.

"What have we here?" Said a Fae, a wolf larger than a bear, came out of the cave. "Dinner come willingly onto our doorstep?" All around, hawks and soldiers adjusted their grips on their weapons as the wolves growled low and menacing. The air was filled with the sound, and suddenly, in a moment of spontaneous synchronization, Griever and Corin and I began to shout, and we all led our remaining groups in opposite directions, fighting the wolves tooth to knife.

I spun from battle to battle, helping out best I could, but never fully engaging the enemy. I came hilt to hilt with Corin once, as I blocked a wild sword stroke with my knife. There in his face, he was worried, not about himself, but about Kate. Something burned in the pit of my stomach then, but it wasn't anger, not bloodlust, but... Jealousy.

I turned to face a wolf again, slashing at it's nose with my knife and drawing blood. It was ridiculous, to feel jealousy, especially toward my best friend, in the heat of battle. Why should I care that this man was worried about her, he was the enemy, he would need to die as soon as the Fae were banished. Channelling all my emotion into the fight, my knife travelled faster, and I was soon surrounded by the bodies of three wolves.

"Jem!" I heard the shout, and turned to see a wolf dive toward me, only to be knocked aside by a man in armor. It was Daniel, the soldier who had taken to following me around, and he drew his sword and thrust it deep into the wolf's side. Yelping, the wolf turned and bit deep into the man, cutting through his armor, and I could hear the snapping of his spine. Daniel sank to the forest floor, his sword still imbedded in the wolf. The wolf began to limp toward me, as the air was filled with arrows.

I looked up, my hair whipping around my face, and saw it was Kate and her group, equipped with bows and lit torches. They were shooting fire arrows at the wolves, catching their coats on fire, and soon the air was filled with the smell of singed fur.

Catching Corin's eyes, I saw the relief in his face, and I turned away, to where Griever was facing several of the wolves still unscathed from the flames. His face was exuberant, reveling in the fight. Though he bled from several wounds, none seemed serious. I jumped into the trees next to Kate, pulling my bow from my shoulder and joining my arrows with the storm. But there was more on my mind than aiming.

The End

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