Jem: Restless NightMature

I lay in my bed in the new camp, unable to sleep. Tomorrow, we'd oust the fae from the forest. The monsters that had kicked us out of our home, and they were a threat us. We needed to either destroy them, or force them to go back where they came from. But to do it... we might need to burn much of the forest. The forest had been my home since I was little, I had always harbored the hope of going back there, setting up a cabin in the forest, when everything had finally calmed down, and King Richard was back in England. Now, it looked like that hope was coming to an end.

Unable to sleep, I got up and pulled on my boots and grabbed my bedroll, going back outside. Maybe I'd sleep better if I could hear the trees from across the training field. At least one more time.

I was laying out my bedroll underneath a tree near the field, when I heard voices coming from nearby.

" could always dream about my face instead..." I heard the Marshall say not far away.

Then I heard Kate's voice "Surely that would be a nightmare Marshall."

I froze there, on my hands and knees on my bedroll, unable to move as they continued their discussion, and then, a shaft of moonlight practically spotlighted them as they came into view, and kissed.

I knew they'd grown close, but... I'd never expected Kate to turn traitor. I still expected her to go back to trying to kill him and his ilk after the Fae were gone, not, join his side. They were joining us for this battle, but afterwards, we would once again be soldiers and outlaws. We needed to keep that in mind, keep some distance between us still. I think the others all realized this, though we laughed easily together and mixed during meals. No alliance like this could continue past tomorrow.

So silently rolling my bedroll back up, I walked away, deciding my night would better served making more arrows, and sharpening my knife.

The End

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