Ali: CannibalismMature

Ever since that run in with the fae, I had a bad feeling about them. I didn’t like them and I felt angry. Really angry. I wanted revenge and there was nothing like the taste of fresh meat, especially since I’ve never had it before. And so, for the next few weeks, I had been in and out of the forest, hunting for fae and wrestling with anything I could lay hands on.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any fae.

Fortunately, I slayed 5 bears.

So now, I was Ali the Bear Slayer. It was wonderful and every time I thought of it, a surge of pride welled up in me. But I wanted to fight the Fae. I wanted to sink my teeth into their necks and bite their heads off. I wanted to tell them that this was what you get when you mess with me; with Ali the Bear Slayer. And that’s when I saw a flash of fur.

I whirled around and saw that dreadful wolf-like creature, with it’s shaggy fur and big bright eyes. The fae. It stared at me tentatively as if it was holding something back. Blood rushed to my face and I smiled excitedly. This had been the chance I was waiting for. And so I pounced.

It screamed as I threw myself towards it. It took a step back and rolled over, dodging my attack. I landed on the ground with a thud and threw a punch out at it, landing a blow solidly against it’s jaw. I knew better than to use my slingshot. They were too fast to shoot. But not fast enough to dodge my punches.

I threw myself against it and pinned it down, screaming as I tried to punched the last living daylights out of it. It stared back at me bewildered and tried to pry me off. But Ali the Bear Slayer could never be defeated and I sank my teeth into it’s neck. It let out a strangled cry and the life flew out of him as blood spurted out all over the place.

I threw my head back and laughed in triumph, decidedly dragging the body back to show everyone one at camp.

Little did I know that my eyes were a deep bloody red, my entire body moss green, and that two sharp incisors protruded from my mouth.

The End

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