Dreda: Our PlanMature

  Everyone is on high alert, ready for the Fae to attack. I've been assigned to the infirmary tent by Kiara. So, I am here, helping to tend to Jem, Kate, the Marshall, and many others.  I have herbal training from when I was young and still with the tribe, so I know a bit about healing with whatever is around me. I grow wistful, thinking about my tribe, my home, my loved ones, my promised. Once I'm done learning what I must from this white man's world, I shall go back home.

   However, I will stay long enough to help the Hawks and their problems with the Fae. Perhaps they will be able to make a treaty with the Fae, or they can fight them for the honor and protection. Either way, I will help; I think that is why my Chief has sent me here.  I am one of the greatest warriors in our tribe, although I won't share this with the Night Hawks just yet.

   Not because I have anything to hide, but because I want to see where I fit in in this big tribe-like family. For the past fortnight, I have been observing the Hawks and the guards, especially Kate and Corin. There is something going on between the two, even though Kate tries vigorously not to show it. I smile a little, happy to know a secret even before it's started. 

   Despite Norida having a cracked rib, broken arm, a nasty wound to the head that was more flesh than skull, and several cuts and bruises, she still has good spirit. I walk up to her, checking to make sure everything is fine, when she suddenly grabs my wrist with her good hand. 

   Looking me in the eyes, she says, "I have something in mind that we should do."

   I stare at the twinkle in her startlingly-green eyes and smile, starting to like Norida. "Aye."

   "Okay. Here is my plan..." Then she goes on to explain her idea and how we will carry it out immediately, once her arm is healed. How we shall plan a whole gathering with the Hawks and guards. We'll play good music with a wooden flute, drums, and a lute. Norida and I will sing, me in my native tongue and her in English. Of course we'll have guards on the look-out, making sure we don't get ambushed. 

   Everyone needs time to relax, even if it is for a moment, and that is what Norida and I hope to accomplish.

The End

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