Griever: Learning to FightMature

Griever sat up in the makeshift bed and looked around. The mistress of the infirmary, Kiera, had gone out for the night, leaving Griever alone with a few other sleeping figures. There seemed to be no one to stop him from leaving this time. Perfect. Griever was tired of sitting in a bed. At least they had let him sharpen swords. It dulled the boredom and loss he felt for Eternal Lion.

Standing up, Griever checked his surroundings once more for movement. It was clear. Thank the beasts! He grabbed up his large jacket and put it on as best he could - his arm being in a sling mad the process a little bit harder than usual. Pity a pretty girl wasn't around to help him. Then again, if they DID come around, he would be back in bed. 'The Lionhawk needs his rest,' and 'Don't make us get Jem' were phrases he was used to hearing in the last few days. Even the new girl, Dreda, was telling him he couldn't go out.

"Darn women," Griever grumbled as he finally finished putting on the large jacket. His beard and hair had gotten long, but luckily he had cut it the day before. It was back down to just a bushy beard and shoulder-length hair. If he had left it long, getting on the darn jacket would have been a lot harder. 

Griever made his way out of the small village they had been residing in, and out to the forest. He took a sword with him, despite his disadvantage at having only one arm and not being used to the smaller sword. It would do, though. It would have to. 

Fighting Fae was not easy with only you fists after all.

A girl, named Jain and a Night Hawk as well, approached as Griever headed towards the woods. She instantly recognized him and placed her hands on her hips in that way that women used to force men to obey. Her size and age, however, made it so she could not pull it off.

"What are you doing out of bed, Lionhawk?"

Griever sighed. "Why does everyone insist on that nickname," he grumbled, earning a raised eyebrow, "I already have a nickname. It's Griever for you pretty Hawks, ok?"

She tapped her foot. "Whether it's Griever or Lionhawk doesn't-"

The girl fell in a heap. Griever sighed and put his left arm back down. He had gone easy, but she would still be out for a while. Just to be safe, Griever picked her up and placed her on the front porch of a nearby house. Another Hawk would be along to check in with Jain soon.

He then headed out into the woods. Griever had been planning this for the longest time. Back when he became a mercenary at the age of twelve, there was a specific code. The newer the mercenary, the closer to the front of the line they were. It was a means to find out if they had true strength or not. In Griever's case, he was sent to dual a knight of some renown. The Lion style had triumphed, but he was in bed for a month with a gut wound. 

Of course, that was when he was fourteen. Since he had run away from home at twelve... Well, those times were harder, sure, but what lay ahead would be harder. It was necessary, though. As his master had said, the only way to learn was through experience.

It took a while to find one, but Griever knew these woods well after spending so much time scouting and going on info runs with the other Hawks. They had been busy during Kate's imprisonment. Griever had been forced to learn the woods. Now, it might be his end, as a large beast walked in front of him at that very moment.

Griever pulled his arm from it's sling and stretched it. He had lied about it's condition for the last few days. This was why. If the others had knew it healed, then he would have been put to work. Not to mention they would think the worst when he wandered off. This way, they would think he just got restless.

Well, now was a time for learning and revenge.

"Hey, Fae!" The mass of fur turned and growled at Griever, it's fangs glowing yellow in the light of the moon above. "Well, you have some ugly teeth," he said, making the creature growl deeper and shrink down. It was preparing to pounce. From the one that nearly ruined his arm, Griever had an idea of how these things fought. Low, going for a feint, then disarming. It may have seemed like a move used by any animal, but it had been calculated.

Sure enough, the Fae before him lunged low. Griever, now aware of what this creature was doing, moved to the side and heard a snap where the jaws of the Fae snapped in the air. Predicted. Griever swung his sword at the creature as surprise seemed to fixate on it's face. 

Then, nothing.

The creature had jumped around Griever and dodged his attack. Again, he moved out of the way, but this time he tripped. Well, then. Griever rolled and managed to swing his blade again, barely cutting the beast along it's leg. It howled and then took off. Well, that was fine. Griever now knew how they fought. That was enough.

For now.

The End

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