Corin: RoostingMature

"There are they are again my Lord!"

"I am aware Captain, but whatever 'they' are, they haven't attacked us yet, and are making little effort to conceal themselves from us. It's probably just our dear Night Hawks trying to scare off what's left of the garrison."

I had once again taken up my position as leader of the garrison and had more of a hand in their goings on. As far as I could tell, this was the best place for me to be, due in no small part to the fact that little else was happening. It also didn't hurt for me to shore up my soldier's support for me. If the Sheriff tried to pull another of his stunts, I would be ready. And speaking of the Sheriff, there was no better place to be than away from him.

After the hanging, if it could even be called a hanging given the general lack of hanging, we were surprised at the low the Hawk's activity had been. In fact, there had been none at all. This was worrisome but it was also a good chance for the men to take a break of sorts from the chaos that had found its way to our town. So I increased the number of patrols, like the one we were now on, to not only keep the men primed, but to hopefully gain some clue as to the plans of our shadowy enemies.

We hadn't discovered much of anything that pointed to the hawks, but more and more the men had reported inhuman sounds and several swore to catching momentary glimpses of disturbing creatures. I had doubted my soldiers before when they swore to the Hawks being women, and the mistake was not one I meant to make a second time. But without having seen any of these creatures myself, I could only wonder as to what they were, and more importantly, whose side they were on.

And then there was her.

Always her.

How had this woman bewitched me so?

Again my mind replayed the hanging, and the feelings, and the moment... that moment.

I had froze.


My search for the Hawks now seemed to be just as much a quest to find answers as it was a pursuit of justice.

And I was capable of finding neither.

The End

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