Griever: InjuryMature

Th walk back filled Griever with a sense of calmness and fear at the same time. These things were what he expected. Nothing, after all, would be the same. Griever made sure to keep his arm covered from his allies, especially Jem. They already had enough to worry about with the leader of the Night Hawks injured. Nothing ever went right, did it?

'My back feels light... Too light' Griever hated leaving Eternal Lion behind, but there was nothing he could do. Ali and Norida made eye contact with him a few times during the walk back, but said nothing. Nor should they, right? After all, there was nothing to worry about anymore. They were safe, weren't they?

The camp - well, the people left to tend the camp - greeted the group as they returned with cheers. At first, they showed fear and sorrow on their faces while cheering, but at the sight of their leader, the Hawks cheered even louder. It wasn't soon after that the rescue party cheered as well. It was obvious that they were happy to have Kate alive and back, as well as the rescuers, of course.

The group dispersed, but Griever managed to find Kate and Jem. "Follow." Thankfully, they did just that, even though a few women of the Hawks cursed him for pulling away their missed leader. Griever led them to an empty fire where some left-over stew was waiting. He quickly helped himself to some single handed and then offered some to Jem and Kate. They never moved.

"What's wrong with your arm?" Jem asked instead. She had been eying him ever since their walk home had begun. He had managed to hide his arm in his jacket, but... Jem was sharp.

Griever sighed. "It's a long story."

"Ali! Ali!" Griever yelled as he ran. Where did that girl go!? Curse the Beasts! Why did she always cause trouble?

Griever searched for hours to no avail. The only thing he could confirm was that these animals frequenting the plains were Fae. They also were afraid of his blade for some reason. It mattered not. All that mattered was finding Ali and getting back to the others.

"You do not belong here!"

Griever turned and pulled his blade, watching as a man with ornate robes walked toward him. The man had dark skin and incredibly long hair as well. Was he some sort of king from the west? Or was he a Fae as well...?

"I am looking for a comrade," Griever replied steadily. He had already let himself be hit once. He was prepared this time. "Do you know where I could find her?"

The man shook his head. "I do not think knowledge belongs to a pathetic human. The child may be troubled and reeking of human smell, but she still is Fae," he said as if truly a king, "So I think it is time for you to leave. Without her." A smile enveloped the man's face. Creepy. 

"Sorry, man," Griever replied, not relaxing for a minute, "I can't accept that. You see, I can't  let my comrades down. They all want to see this girl despite her odd behavior." Griever smiled. He wouldn't let these people get him a second time.

The man frowned and laughed. 

Griever held off telling the rest. How could he say it? The man in the robes turned into a monster and attacked. He had been to scared to retaliate and lost Eternal Lion. Not to mention his arm had possibly been made useless from that monsters attacks. If it wasn't for Ali popping up with Norida and that other girl, the beast would have finished Griever off. 

"So.... What happened to your arm?"

Griever smiled. "Well~! They surrounded me and I fought with all my strength!" The women did not laugh or even react. How sad. Griever needed to lighten the mood! "At the end, I was overpowered by them and their ferocious powers!" He fell back, exposing his mangled arm. It hurt... But he could take it. 

Jem and Kate both gasped. "Jem, grab a medic!" She ran off. 

Griever started to laugh, but couldn't. Since when did he feel so tired? And was the ground wet before? "It's not so bad.... Leader," he told Kate, who looked worried. Her face was fading so he couldn't tell anything more. "Let's get you patched up first, Kate!" Griever shouted, "Then we will fight and save the our leader!" That made no sense. Wait.. was this blood loss?

Well, damn.

The End

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