Dreda: Meanwhile...Mature

   I don't know what's worse, being captured by one of the Fae or being freed by a little girl who wants to be a woman. I eye her as the man walks away in search for a person named Ali. The girl known as Norida walks up to me with a sort of cockiness only a swordsman in England would have.

   "I'm just cutting the ropes," she says, calmly. I relax my muscles, ready to fight if needed. The ropes fall as I hear a snap. I straighten to my full 5'4" height, looking her in the eye. 

   "Do you have any idea where my weapons could be?" I inquire.

   "No miss, but if I may ask, how did you come about this place?" Norida asks.

   For some reason I feel the need to be nice to this Norida. "Long story that I don't have much time to explain. I really need to find my weapons and get out of this place to recuperate," I rub my wrists. "stupid Fae."

   She scoffs. "I just so happen to be one of those 'stupid Fae'. But I will have you know that not all of us act as such barbarians."

   I narrow my eyes, "I know you're a Fae, obviously. I was talking about the rugged animals who captured me. Also, if you have no information on how to get out of this fake paradise, then leave me with your disrespecting ways."

   "Well, excuse me for saving your life. You know, I very well could have left you to die. But luckily for you, I happen to have a heart. Still, it's the least you could do to thank me." She crosses her arms defiantly.

   I laugh involuntarily. This girl might be a woman after all. "Fine, have fun with your brethren." Then, I walk off towards a suspicious looking shack that probably holds my weapons. 

   Surveiling my surroundings, I creep silently towards the shack, making sure there are no surprises. I open the door slowly, silently, and walk in. Looking around, I find my weapons, all hung and stacked neatly on racks and shelves. The door creaks open and I whip around, holding a dagger, ready to attack. 

The End

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