Ali: To Kill Two Stones with one SquirrelMature

Trina didn’t seem to like to cooperate.

I tried hitting her with my slingshot, but she was too fast. I couldn’t aim properly.

I growled in frustration. Chasing after animals wasn’t my specialty. It was attacking people from behind, using the element of surprise. But this squirrel ran fast. Too fast.

“Trina! Slow down!” I shouted, trying to distract it. The squirrel wouldn’t stop. As I chased after her, I suddenly tripped over a tree root and went flying face first into a thorn bush. I heard the squirrel stop and turn around, staring me with little squeaky noises coming out of its mouth. Was it laughing at me? This was outrageous! Ali the Great bested by a puny little squirrel? No way.

I growled as I loaded my slingshot, making sure to hide the second stone beneath my hand. Two stones at once. It surely won’t be able to dodge that?

The squirrel seemed to have sensed something and froze. Ha! I have looked super intimidating! I quickly let go of the slingshot, sending both stones towards the squirrel. Its eyes opened wide as it saw the two pebbles flying towards it and did a suddenly backbend. She flipped over and swept up the two still flying stones with her tail and threw them back at me.

“Ouch.” I hissed at the two pebbles hit me, one scraping my arm and the other my cheek. The taste of my own weapon on myself did not taste good.

Since when did squirrels know martial arts?

I was about to lunge out again when the squirrel suddenly disappeared. In its place was a tall muscular girl staring menacingly down at me.

“Trina?” She spat. “What kind of name is that?”

I quickly wiped the surprise out of my eyes.

“I killed her.” I said with a smile. “She ate my cake. So I dropped some rat poison in hers. One person can only have so much cake.”

The girl eyes me with contempt.

“So you name me after her? Did I steal you cake?” She shoved a finger roughly at my chest, pushing me backwards a little, letting the thorns of the bush cut me.

“N-no.” I mutter bewildered. She leaned back, letting her hand drop. I rubbed her chest sorely and made a face at her behind her back. Supposedly.

She turned around and slapped me in the face.

“Scram before I cut your tongue off.”

I rubbed the red spot on my cheek with tears well up my eyes and ran back.

I hate this place.

The End

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