Griever: Fear the Eternal LionMature

"Where did they go?" 

Griever sighed and shook his head at Kate. It was good to have her back, but she certainly was being bossy. Griever chuckled in his head. Did he like that? "Jem," Griever said, meeting the woman's eyes. So deep... and such a good jaw...

"Yes, Griever?" Jem snapped, obviously aware of Griever's gaze lowering. He immediately jerked his eyes back to her face and kept them there. Good grief, it was like a man couldn't look. 

"I am going to follow and see if I can bring our little special Hawks back." With that, Griever jogged and jumped through the portal. No need to give them anything to argue against and the portal was already nearly gone. If this was the world of the Fae of legends, Griever wanted to see it. Then again, he had always been like this. Seeing new places was exciting to him. It was like eating a new treat or courting a new woman. 

Griever found himself in a long tunnel. Upon closer inspection, Griever realized several runes covered the dark walls. So odd... But this was supposed to be the mysterious Fae. With Ali being as... unique as she was and Norida's strange changing ability, Griever wasn't sure he could be surprised. He stood up and headed out of the tunnel.

It wasn't long before the sun greeted Griever and embraced his face with it's warm presence. Through the sun's enlightenment, Griever saw a beautiful landscape with random assortment of animals. Were these more Fae? Maybe...


The girl turned from a group of boys in trousers, and nothing else, and watched as Griever jogged between the two groups. She looked to be annoyed, but Griever ignored her. His attention was to the tied up girl. had these boys done this? Were they Fae?

"You know," Griever said, now annoyed, "It's not nice to tie people up."

"You... reek of human," the lead boy spit. Human? So, they were Fae? And.... dangerous.

Griever put a hand on his sword. That was a mistake. Pain washed over his face as he flew to the ground. That... hurt! Angry, Griever stood and realized Norida had a blade at the Fae's throat.

"I though you were supposed to protect me," she said smugly, leading the Fae back as his allies watched with anger in their eyes, "Not the other way around."

Griever rolled his eyes and stood. "And I also thought Fae didn't exist until today," he replied, drawing Eternal Lion and taking his place beside Norida. "So, what do we... What's with you guys?"

The Fae boys had started staring at Griever the moment he drew Eternal Lion. It was if they were terrified of the blade. Well, they should be! Griever could take them all out! Before he could move to follow through with the idea, however, they ran off. Well, at least Norida had given the leader a nice nick in the throat.

"I'll let you handle her," Griever told Norida, who nodded, "I am going to find Ali if I can..."

This place was a large open grassland. Spotting a blood-caked little girl couldn't be too hard. Could it?

The End

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