Jem: Left HangingMature

Ali! That girl could wreck the entire plan. I slipped on my mask as Griever ran off to stop her. I was nervous, Griever was a good fighter, and if Corin was on the stand with Kate-- I swallowed hard, I wouldn't admit it to him, but I had become accustomed to having his strength at my back these past few weeks. He was more level-headed than I, and could think calmly in an emotional situation, and I'd come to trust him, finally, in these past weeks. But right now, it was time to focus, I could manage without him, I could take care of myself and my flock. "Alright hawks!" I cried. "Let's rescue our trapped flock member!" And we headed into the trees, soon emerging on the other side.

The plan; we were to infiltrate the crowd and then begin to cause a stir throughout the townsfolk, and when the people were beginning to riot and get in the way of the guards, I would leap onto the stand and cut Kate loose before the trapdoor gave way beneath her and her neck snapped for good. If Corin was up on the stage, I would engage him in combat long enough to let Kate vanish into the crowd, Griever would be there to back me up, until Kate was free, then we'd all follow her into the crowd and back to the forest and safety. Though maybe, in the back of my head, I would like to just shoot that blasted Twynnam in the throat much as the rest of the hawks, but saving Kate was the top priority.

"We haven't abandoned you," I muttered.

"What was that?" Kiara asked, coming up beside me.

"Nothing," I replied quickly, "just remember the plan."

The crowd was thick and dotted with guards. This was the part that was trickiest. Getting in without being seen. We'd slip inside the courtyard in twos and threes. I would slip up to the front, close to the stage where they'd march Kate to the noose. The best time to attack was just after they slipped the noose over Kate's head, just when the sheriff would be convinced he'd won.

So far, so good. I slipped up to the stage, keeping my head down and my masked face hidden. I scanned the crowd for Griever, but there was still no sign of him.

"Come on, lion, where are you?" I asked silently, just as a distant drum began to sound and Kate was marched out, a dejected look on her face. She was being restrained by two guards, but it looked like most of the fight had left her. Behind Kate was Twynam, I wasn't surprised by that, the real surprise was that he was also bound and being led by two soldiers. Why was the sheriff hanging his own marshal? I looked for Griever again, but didn't see him, it didn't matter, Corin wasn't in a position to fight when I cut Kate loose, but--

"If the hawks come and free their leader, I will personally order your death, marshal." The sheriff announced as a noose was slipped first over Kate's head, then Corin's. "you have failed me too many times, but I shall have this victory."

The End

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