Griever: PlansMature

Griever shook his head. "I don't like it Jem," he said, "But I suppose it is the best plan we have."

Jem nodded from across the table. They had been up all night figuring out a plan for the rescue in the morning. Griever being one who had experience in all manners and styles of combat operations and Jem being the leader of the Night Hawks, it made planning easier. Neither of them trusted Rowan enough to let him in, and the other Hawks were simply too hot headed to think beyond 'Kill the Marshall, save Kate!'

She nodded. "I know, which is why we are going with it." She sighed. Griever noticed just how small Jem was when she wasn't being 'leader.' He knew her to be just a year younger than him from asking, but that size made her seem.... younger. He knew not to underestimate that, though.

"At least let me back you up!" Griever said with a growl, "Corin is likely to be on the execution platform with the executioner. He will attack before you can get Kate out!"

Jem glared at him for a moment. Her grey eyes tried to break down his will to fight, but he was glaring right back with his own. She finally let up. "If Corin is up on the platform, you can come with me," she said. Griever sighed his relief and started to turn. "But!" Griever turned to see a stern expression on Jem. "Once I have Kate, you must retreat and help the others with the fight. I have heard of your skills and they will be needed."

Griever nodded then left Jem alone in the tent. He needed to train.

It only took a moment to find a secluded part of the woods. The distant noises of the camp were next to absent and the sweet sounds of the night life came to conquer Griever's ears. Such beauty in solitude. Griever had forgotten how much he loved this solitude. Once that man had hired him under the nickname of the Bird at Battle, Griever had essentially given up his freedom to travel alone. He hadn't realized he would not be returning to the lonely life anytime soon...

And, strangely, he was OK with it. 

Fighting against those who tormented the innocent, sharing good times around a fire with others, doing things because he WANTED to instead of being payed to.... It was the life he never knew he wanted.

"The Lion must have a Pride sometime," Griever mumbled. He pulled his Eternal Lion from it'e sheath, eyeing the unknown language that covered the blade. It really was a mystery. Jem had wanted to examine it to see if it could be the Fae, but Griever had refused. Fae didn't exist.... 

And yet...

How was it that Norida could use her witchcraft? What gave Ali her odd abilities? What had made Eternal Lion never dull? Maybe there were Fae out there. It would explain a lot of mysteries. Griever pondered this as he stared at Eternal Lion. What are you? 

"Now's not the time to think!" Griever said to himself. He instinctively struck out, slicing a sapling in half. Sheesh, that wasn't nearly as good as he wanted. That meant he needed more practice. 

And so, Griever practiced his forms and strikes for hours, losing track of time as the small trees fell. 


"Griever, wake up!"

Griever rolled over to find Jem standing over him. She looked pretty with the sunlight shining on her and her hair down instead of in it's normal braid. "Well," Griever mumbled, "Such a good-looking face for such a good morning!" 

Jem seemed surprised at first, but then turned angry. "How is this a good morning? Have you forgotten Kate is going to be executed in just a few hours!?"

Griever stood up, grabbing Eternal Lion from where it lay in the grass and placing it on his shoulder. "This morning is good," Griever said an inch from Jem's face, "Because it is the morning we get a Hawk back." Jem, though it was obvious she didn't mean to, cracked a slight smile. Greiver grinned. She looked good with a smile. Now, to head out!

Griever walked off to where Jem had probably already gathered the Hawks for this mission. He found that he had guessed right. Masked figures stood around the main campfire, talking and gathering last minute equipment. It looked to be a perfect amount. Not too big, yet not too small. It would work.


Griever turned to see Norida running toward Jem, who was still at his side for some reason. "What is it, Norida?" Jem asked the younger girl.

She stopped and paused to catch her breath for a moment. "Ali.... she... went to ... the castle....." 

Griever and Jem looked to one another, eyes wide. The girl could ruin the entire plan! 

"Hawks," Jem yelled to the masked members of the Night Hawks, "We move out now!"

Griever sheathed Eternal Lion and pulled up the hood on his cloak. "I'll see if I can catch up to Ali," he told Jem, who nodded, "If I can't, I'll pull back." With that, he was running at top speed. Within a moment, he was out of the camp. Within a minute, he was running out of the woods. Stupid Sheriff didn't know the Night Hawks base was so close, yet so hidden. 

Now, to stop a foolish girl.

The End

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