Ali: Blood, Gore, and the DevilMature

Making my way to the castle was not too hard though I did get a few stares. I suppose it was my still bloody shirt. But I couldn’t have waited to wash it. It would’ve been too late by then. I ran behind to the back. There had to be some type of back entrance here somewhere. And then I would be able to get in.

I looked around and spied a small entrance with two guards standing by. Oh goody. Someone I could finally practice my slingshot skills on.


One of the guards fell dead on the ground. The other one shrieked in surprise. I cursed under my breath as I quickly loaded and killed him as well. I jogged up of the doorway, looking down at the two dead guards. I never had human meat before. Maybe I could skin them and then try it.

I shook my head. Not now. I had a job to do.


Just one bite wouldn’t hurt.

I bent down and sunk my teeth into one of the guards neck, spurting blood all over the place. I ripped out a decent chunk of flesh from the man’s neck and began chewing on it.

No bad.

I was still contemplating on its taste when two more guards came, just to check and see what had happened after hearing the shriek. One of them immediately fainted to the ground. The other stared at me wildly for a moment before he shrieked.

“Oh, the devil!”

Then he turned and ran. I giggled at his high pitched girlish voice. I suppose it was the blood that did it. I crawled back up, kicking the dead body in the process, spilling blood all over the floor. I smeared blood all over my face and grinned with a devilish smile.

Let them think I was the devil. It would be so much easier like that.

The End

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