Ali: Pride and StupidityMature

As I skinned Jerry and Lisa, I couldn’t help but wonder what Griever was up to. What could be so important that he wouldn’t go hunting with me? I set Jerry down and got up to scout the camp for information.

“Sorry Jerry, I have stuff to do. I’ll be back in a minute!” I apologized quickly, afraid that he would get mad at me as I scrambled off.

I snuck around the camp, trying to overhear snips and bits of conversations, but for some reason, none of them really liked the sight of a bloody ten year old sneaking up on them. All I could hear was something about Kate and rescuing someone, and Corin? I wrinkled my nose in confusion. What? Where was Kate? I looked around. I hadn’t seem Kate in a while. Was she captured?

I finally gathered the courage to ask someone.

“Hey! Psst, you!” I waved at a girl from behind a bush. The girl turned in surprise. “Yeah, you! Get over here!”

The girl walked over slightly confused.


“Where’s Kate?”

The girl paused at my question.

“Don’t you know? She was captured by the Marshal.”

“Really? Is someone going to save her?”

“Umm, I don’t know?”

“What’s Griever up to?”

“Who’s Griever?”

“Uh... Never mind.”

I shooed the confused girl off. So what was Griever up to? Well, in any case, as I walked back to finish skinny Jerry, a plan began to formulate in my mind.

“Jerry? Why do you think they don’t like me fighting?” I whispered as I finished the last bit of Jerry. “Do you think if I did something good they would like me?”

Jerry didn’t respond. I nodded.

“You’re right Jerry. I don’t know either. Do you think it’s worth a try?”

Jerry's bloody head nodded. I giggled.

“Oh goody!” I scrambled up and ran to grab my slingshot and a pouch of stones. I would save Kate. Then I would be allowed on raids. Right?

The End

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