Griever: A Letter from a BirdMature

Griever groaned as he made his way to the sewing are. It was early, but with the ball coming up, they had been extra busy making costumes. Well, Griever would do his best, despite hating the work. After all, what else could he do? Should he refuse, he might be kicked out, or maybe killed. Knowing Jem for nearly a month had made him never doubt that. Why did being kicked out of the Night Hawks feel worse?

"Hey, Griever!"

A small girl no older than 16 came running up beside him. She had blonde hair and a pretty face, but only came up to his shoulder. She looked familiar for some reason. Her shoulder, which was bare in the shirt she wore, had a scar. Pity. Men would find that unattractive. 

"Hello, little girl," Griever said, trying to be polite, "I would ask how you know me, but I realize being a man in this camp isn't a normality, really." 

The girl gave him a pouting look. "You don't remember me?"

Greiver cocked his head and thought back to all the days in the Night Hawk's camp. He hadn't spoken to many women really, and he knew all of the ones he had talked to. Maybe this was one of the ones he flirted with? No, she was much too young. Well, maybe he could- 

"You're that girl I pulled the arrow out of!" Griever said in realization. The girl smiled widely at being remembered, but seemed to want more. What was her name again...?

She waited only a moment before answering his unspoken question. "I'm Selena," she said, "And Miss Jem told me to watch over you and help you with sewing." 

God be praised! Griever smiled widely at the girl. "Well, I think you have saved my life!" he said, "I was thinking I would kill myself before I would create one piece of clothing!" She laughed at his joke and then went on to thank him for the time he removed an arrow out of her shoulder. 

"No need to thank me," Griever said earnestly, "I just can't stay still when there is a lady in trouble. Plus, now that I think on it, you already thanked me before... I think." Selena seemed to beam at the statement. Or maybe it was that he was starting to remember. Wait, was as she interested in Griever1? Good grief, the only girl to actually like him like that and it was a kid!

"Oh! I almost forgot." Selena reached in the pocket of the trousers she wore and pulled out an envelope. It had the seal of a soldier on it. Had HE already sent a reply? He was really in a haste to get new recruits, then. 

Griever opened the envelope and read the fake letter. He then turned to Selena as they got to the entrance of the sewing tent. "Mind if I head in in a minute, I need to think about my brother alone." She nodded and headed in the tent with a smile and a wink. Griever just sighed. 

It took only moments to find a secluded spot. He quickly did the trick to remove the hidden letter, then read the contents.

To the Lion Who Watches,

It is indeed a shock. They must be impressive to be as successful as they are. You must keep an eye out and do your best to assist these Birds of Night. Be sure to give that new Marshall my condolences as well. 

As for your payment, you will have to be patient. Moving gold or any valuables around here is very difficult. Be sure to get your sword back, though. I know how much the old one would hate it not being with you. 

We have also had an increase in men over here, so you may take your time. As for anything else I must say, I can not remember. 

One last thing, though. Beware the Fae.

From the Bird in Battle.

Griever cursed. He didn't need the money right away, but it was annoying to do charity work. Maybe he should have declined this job? No, something told him he would feel bad about not being here. Griever gripped the hidden rosary in his shirt. 'Mother,' he said, 'How I wish you were here. Maybe then I could understand these women I am forced to live with more.'

He folded the letter and placed it in his pocket. If the man wanted him to help, he would. But not because he was ordered to. He would make the decision on his own-

Jem stood directly in front of Griever. She had been there when he turned and something told him she was not oblivious to his secret letter. 

"Who's the Bird in Battle, Lion Who Watches?"

'Oh curse the luck.'

The End

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