Griever: Style of the LionMature

The guards were relentless in their assault, despite being only half-dressed followers of the Marshall. Griever would have saluted them for their persistence had they not wanted to plant a spear between his ribs. He laughed. Beside him, he heard Kate laughing as well. 

"Enjoying your temporary freedom?" Griever said to her, running to stay beside her. The others were just ahead. Griever wanted to be in the back, should they have to fight. Not to mention it was nice to watch the women run. 

"Well," Kate said in a huff, her mask covering the smile Griever knew painted her face, "It certainly beats sitting around doing nothing. We should do this more often!" 

Griever laughed. "I feel as if I am a bad influence to you." Griever looked back and noticed the guards drawing closer in their pursuit. They seemed of higher stock than the ones at the Sheriff's place. Maybe they were trained by the Marshall? Well, it only made since. "Sadly, it seems we are in a bit of trouble."

Kate turned to see the guards, then nodded to Griever. He had already planned this before the raid. With the other girls carrying the Marshall's gold and Kate a higher ranking member of the Night Hawks, Griever would stay behind and delay any men who followed. Kate had said no at first, but Griever had insisted until she agreed. It had been far too long since he had a good fight. With no women to court and not many men to practice swords with, Griever had been just as bored as Kate. She had just cured her own boredom, so Griever deserved this.

Slowing down, Griever fell behind his allies and turned to face the guard. "I will be your opponent!" He said, making sure his cloak covered his face. 

The guards stopped and faced him. They were nine in all, four fewer than when the chase had started. Maybe he would have to face more men? Griever smiled. With Eternal Lion, this would be fun. Very fun indeed. 

"Men!" a half dressed man with a sword said, "Take this one alive! We can use her to find the others!" The other men nodded, slowly circling Griever. Were they really trying to say he was a girl? Griever's voice was manly! Not girly! He sighed. Maybe they just assumed all the Night Hawks were girls.

"First of all," Griever said, removing his hood and showing off his long beard and hair, "I am no woman." Griever pulled Eternal Lion from it's sheath and sliced a man to his right's spear in half. "Secondly, I wish you all good luck in capturing the Eternal Lion!"

The men backed up slightly upon noticing the sword. Yes, as knights they must have heard of Griever's master, the original Eternal Lion. For over fifty years he fought in battles across the land. He was even offered knighting and drafting into a Noble house for his skills, but refused to stay a mercenary. That was over now, though. Griever had inherited the Eternal Lion. 

"Ignore his words, men!" The sword-wielding man commanded, "They use trickery!" The men all nodded and moved in. Sadly, Griever was using trickery. Well, sad for them. For Griever it was just an advantage. Especially with all the men around him.

"Good news!" Griever said, moving into the Crouching Lion stance, "I have been ordered to avoid killing you! So, I shall just remove those weapons from you." With that said, Griever sliced the closest man, a spear user to his left, across the arm. It was too shallow to do any serious damage, but it forced the man out of the fight, lest he bleed to death.

Griever went into the Lion's Roar from there. Despite the training these men went through, they were nothing compared to Griever. The reason for this was not the difference in skills. It was the difference in style.

Griever sliced another spear from another man and knocked two other men to the ground by throwing the first man toward them. "It's useless," Griever laughed. The Eternal Lion was for multiple targets. So long as two or more men faced him, Griever could be confident in victory. These idiots were done for if they continued.

A birdcall in the distance distracted Griever. Already that time? Well, he had had a little fun and made the 'knights' od the Marshall look stupid. Good enough. "Good day, men."

Griever sheathed Eternal Lion and took off through the gap he had created just a moment before. In minutes he was running with Kate back to the Night Hawk camp. The men would be stupid to follow, so he worried not. 

"You have your fill?" Kate asked while they ran.

Griever smiled. "Slightly. How about you?"

Kate nodded.

The two continued in to camp in silence, content smiles spanning their faces.

The End

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