Griever: The Cost of JusticeMature

Griever strolled through the camp, his excitement for the day ended and his stomach full from some pea soup he had managed to grab. It wasn't as good as that first pea soup he had ate when he first came to the Night Hawks, but it was good and filled him right up. 

Rowan, the dirty bastard, was standing toward the center of the Night Hawk camp talking to Jem and Kate about something. Griever could care less if it involved that man. The sight of a sword going through him would be welcome. It was a shame he had agreed to leave him be for now... Why, Griever could have probably gotten away with offing the man for sending a letter or stealing. No one would question him now that the Night Hawks were beginning to trust him. 

But... it would be wrong. Dishonor was something Griever could not live with.

'Maybe I can get one of the men to duel me,' Griever thought idly. There were not many men in this camp, which was a shock to many, but somewhat of a disappointment to Griever. He would not face a woman unless his life depended on it. It wasn't that they were weak - Kate and Jem were shining reminders of how wrong that was - but that he always held back. Harming a lady was not something he could consent to. Now, courting them he could do. Griever smiled as a slim woman named Cara walked by. 

"Hello, Cara, would you like to have a stroll?" Griever said with his best smile. She ignored him though, saying he needed to look for a lady and not a Night Hawk. Griever sighed. What was with these women. If a man can court and fight, so could a woman! Darn, he needed to step up his game!

"Not much luck huh?" 

Griever turned to see Norida. "Well, hello our freshly rescued princess," Griever said with a smile. Too bad she was young.

"Thank you," she said.

Griever barked a laugh. "For what?"

"Coming to my aide, of course!" she huffed. It reminded Griever of his sister when she was annoyed. Griever shook the thought from his mind.

"Well, Jem was right when she said it was a stupid thing to do," Griever said, eyeing a potential candidate for him walking by, "I could have gotten us both killed."

Norida sat down on a nearby log that had been fashioned into a sitting place. "She is much too young for you and it's the thought that counts."

Griever sighed. ALL these women were either much too young, much too old, uninterested in men, or a combination of two of those. Was there any normal females in this camp? Preferably ones that was born around the time he was. Being only 20 summers, he wasn't THAT old...

"I heard you had some sort of magical power," Griever said sarcastically to change the subject.  


He barked a laugh. "Don't worry. Holding a weapon doesn't make you a killer, but using to kill does." He winked and walked to where Rowan was walking off towards the grounds set aside for training. "Hey, knight."

Rowan paused and turned to see Griever approaching. "Leo- er... I mean Griever. What is it?"

Griever pulled his Eternal Lion. "I want to train and these ladies aren't my style. Care for a match?" Rowan nodded and within moments they were on the training grounds with their weapons. Griever used Eternal Lion like always. For some odd reason, it never dulled much. 

"Ready?" Rowan called.


"I am not going easy on-"

Griever's sword met Rowans in a lightning fast attack to the dark-haired knight, shutting his mouth mid-sentence and shoving him to the side. Not many could stop the Lion's Pounce without prior warning. To do so was a big accomplishment. 

Rowan backed off and attacked in turn, his eyes becoming focused. It was not enough. The strike, which was aimed to Griever's arm, stopped as Eternal Lion swung upward. Sad really. Griever had faced many a man and was good at gauging skill. This man was great, but this battle was one he would lose.

Rowan's blade flew upward and Eternal Lion hit the man in the side of the face with the flat of the blade, knocking the knight down. Griever placed his sword's point to Rowan's neck as he tried to stand up. 

"Your blade lacks conviction," Griever said slowly, drowning the urge to chop this man's head off while he had the chance, "If you weren't distracted, then you may have beaten me, but as it stands, you can not face me."

Rowan sighed and closed his eyes. "I have nothing against you and  I owe you. How am I supposed to face you with my all?"

Griever barked a laugh. "The same way you will face your old comrades when we face them. Even if they are innocent, you must fight and kill them. That is the cost of justice." Griever put Eternal Lion away and turned to leave. "Don't get comfortable just because you think you are doing right now. The sins of a man are never erased, nor are they forgotten." 

That should make him think. Griever had initially wanted to beat Rowan to crush his spirit but after fighting him, Griever realized the man would be useless against the knights. There would always be that hesitation when he faced his old comrades unless he learned. Then again, maybe it was just Griever who set the man into a state of incompetence. 

In any case, Griever was satisfied. Was that a pretty blonde just now? Maybe he could use a little more satisfying.

The End

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