Jem: Time to GoMature

Kate caught up to me after a few seconds, as I began to make my way out of the keep. She was breathing hard, and laughing.

"What did you do, Kate?" I asked, readying my bow in case we were surprised by any soldiers we hadn't disabled on the way in.

"Nothing, just blew him a little kiss on my way out," Kate grinned. I rolled my eyes.

"You can't tease him like that. You're already confined to camp as it is." I tried to argue, but Kate wasnt listening. Her eyes behind her mask were shining as she dashed ahead of me, toward the entrance. I followed her out the keep, but as the band cleared out of there, above the groans of the injured soldiers, I could hear shouts and cries of pain coming from the back of the keep. I made my way around the building, bow still at the ready, to see Griever, pounding away with his shoulder at the Keep's back door. All around him were injured soldiers, and his sword was bloody.

"Griever," I called, staying out of the reach of that sword. "Come on, we're clearing out of here. Norida is safe." Griever calmed down slightly and looked at me as I continued. "Next time, dont be an idiot and try to play the hero. You'll just get you and whoever you try to save killed." The man lowered his sword. 

"What do you know about getting people killed?" He muttered quietly. I didnt respond, I didn't think he wanted me to hear. So I turned away and walked out of the manor, checking every few steps to make sure Griever was following me, and soon enough, like the rest of the Night Hawks, we had melted into the forest. 

"I think we should lay low for a while. We have enough supplies to last for some time, and it would be safer if we didn't provoke the sheriff and the marshal any further." I brought the subject up with Kate later that evening. "What if we made them so desperate to stop us that they'd try to burn the forest down, a lot of people could get hurt."

Kate thought about it for a moment, then nodded. "You're right, but still, we can't hide in the forest forever. Before long, we will have to make ourselves known again, before the people lose hope and think we've left them to fend for themselves."

I considered the amount in our stores, and tallied up the math on how long we could survive without another raid.

"What about, just until the week of the midsummer festival? Its a big event, and we could make ourselves known again at that time. Perhaps, even crashing the Sheriff's annual ball?"

Kate grinned at the prospect. I knew she loved the dramatic, as her previous performances in front of the Marshal had already displayed, so of course she'd love planning something to take place during the festival.

"I was thinking we could raid the Sheriff's gold stores that night, and have a couple scouts there on the dance floor to keep an eye on the Marshal and his men. What do you think?"

The End

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