Griever: Rescue the Princess!Mature

Griever watched the scum walk away. Pity. The only reason Griever really let him have the truce was because of the Night Hawks. Had they met under different circumstances... Well, Griever would need a new set of clothing. Blood stained, after all.

"Nice," Jem said, walking to stand beside him. They had just gotten back to camp after running from the Marshall. 

Griever dismissed it with a growl. "What is it, Night Hawk?"

Jem chuckled at something, then took on a serious persona. "Did you see the young girl - Norida is her name - come back with us?" 

Griever turned and checked over the campgrounds, avoiding eye contact with the scoundrel Rowan lest he was tempted to take Jem's knife and ram it through him. Jem was right. She was nowhere to be seen. Despite being little, she wasn't hard to find usually. "Now that's odd...." He grumbled.

Jem nodded. "Maybe she was captured?" 

Griever nodded. "I shall go back to check the area." He started to leave, but stopped. Jem cocked her head in question. "I will be needing my sword back, if you don't mind. I think I have just about earned that much trust."

"With the way you tried to attack him last night?" Jem asked. Griever knew who she meant. He just smiled though.

"So, would you have rather me never even tried?" He asked slowly, making his voice as gentle and sarcastic as possible. 

Jem sneered, but thankfully told another Night Hawk to grab his sword. It only took moments for the woman to walk off toward a large tent and return with the blade. It was unique, so Griever hated it being away from him. When the leather-bound handle met his palm, he smiled widely.

"Hello, Eternal Lion," Griever said, admiring the long blade with strange marking running down the hilt. The handguard had them too, but to a lesser degree. His master had found the sword in an old ruin said to belong to the Fae. Griever believed no such tale, but the blade truly was a masterpiece. 

"Eternal Lion?" Jem asked when Griever strapped the blade onto his back. "That some kind of name for the blade?"

Griever nodded. "It's also the basis for my fighting style." With that, he headed in the direction of the town. He would need to hurry before Norida was taken to the castle. Griever did not doubt the Night Hawks had it in them to storm the place for the girl, but he DID doubt them actually doing it. It would be one thing to risk a raid for money or food, but for one girl? They would see it as ridiculous. 


After a while, with the small girl named Ali following somewhere behind, Griever made it to the town. He wondered if Ali knew he saw her. Years as a mercenary had trained him to see things regular soldier could not. After all, mercs did all kinds of jobs, not just certain ones. Ali was persistant and surprisingly a good survivor, so he didn't worry about it. No need to. 

No one touched a lady in Griever's presence anyway. 

Walking through the streets, Griever made himself blend in. It wasn't hard. He just pulled the hood of his cloak up and tied his hair back. The hard part was finding someone who could give him info. When he had been in Nottingham, he knew people, but here was a different story. 

"So, what are we doing?" 

Griever cursed quietly, then looked down at Ali, who now walked at his side. "You're a curious little girl, huh?" She nodded innocently. "Well, I will tell you all about it back at camp. Go back, though, lest you die before you can grow up to be a pretty lass." He winked at her and moved through the crowd faster. Ali kept up though, sadly. Stubborn girl. 

Soon, Griever saw something that he feared. 

Corwin Twynam holding a bag of what Griever assumed to be Norida. She kicked and fought, but he had her. She was his prisoner. 

Griever nearly drew Eternal Lion, but stopped when he noticed the guards laced through the crowd. If she was put in a cell, though, it would be hard to get her back out. He could hold off the guard, but.... 

"Ali," Griever said, grabbing the girls shoulders, "Go get the others, tell them Norida is captured and I am going to try and free her, but I will need back up!"

Ali just shrugged. "Why should I?" Her face contorted in a twisted smile, as if a thought had entertained her mind. 

Griever just smiled back. "If you do this," he said sweetly, "I will help you hunt next time. I have been wanting to name something Fred for a while now...." It worked. Ali got excited and nodded just before running off. 

'Now,' Griever thought, 'To fight my way into a bloody guarded castle to save an underaged princess... Great.'

The End

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