Rowan: Though It May Cost Me My LifeMature

Rowan wakes up and he sees himself lying on a mattress that is placed on the ground in a rather large hut. He sits up, feeling good, and stands up. He looks around and walks out of the hut, still feeling a bit weak in his walking.

As he looks, he sees some sort of meat roasting over a spit. Realizing his hunger, he walks over and tears off a leg, devouring it viciously. Many people around here stare at him, anxious for something. Then, a woman comes and sits next to him.

"Hello." He greets, trying to be kind. "Who are you?"

"I'm Kate; do you know where you are?"

"Yeah, I'm in the Night Hawks base, and quite relieved to be here too. I'd die if I had to stay in the forest or even if someone had sent me back to the town. I've done too many good things." He smiles at her, proud of his achievements.

"What did you do?"

"Well, I looked around the city and I was disgusted by what I saw. And so I sought to change it. I killed two guards for trying to rape a woman who was out after curfew. I freed the sheriff's homemade brothel made by women from the town. Then, I freed everyone in the prisons who were there because of you guys. I put them in a carriage, intending to drive them to the town down the road where I had already made plans with the villagers there to take these fellows in. But, Corin came in before I could get them out. So the prisoners left as I fought Corin. But, a dagger is nowhere near as good as sword for fighting. I knew he was going to win, especially when he slashed my arm. So I ran away, he chased me with his horse, I prayed, and miraculously, someone shot him in the shoulder. I'm glad you allowed me to join. We need to take back the city for God and take it away from those people in the government who are so corrupt."

"Wow, you did good."

"Only recently, before that... let's just say I wasn't a very good person."

"Okay. Well, I guess you can stay here. And when you’re well you can help us with raids."

He nods knowingly, "Alright."

Kate leaves him as he continues eating his breakfast. Then he sees him. Leonard. His face was older and beard more wild, but I could not forget those eyes. Leonard. The color drains from Rowan's face as he looks intently at him. Then, a memory flashes before his eyes.


"Ah! Die you worms!" Rowan yells, thrusting his sword through the peasants who dared revolt against him. "You shall pay for the death of my wife!"

Their screams for mercy fall on deaf ears. He has no mercy. Not since they took away the only thing he cared about in this world.

"No, Marshal Rowan Kerr, stop please!" A woman yells, younger than most, she could only have been sixteen or seventeen. Uncaring and in a terrifying rage he runs her through with his blade, killing her.

After his murder of a hundred innocents, he writes a letter to the King of England telling him of a rebellion, which had claimed the life of his wife, and Rowan tells him of his drastic measures to cleanse it from the streets.

Later that day he wanders through the streets, trotting on his horse when he sees a man weeping over the young girl he had slain. The guards hadn't cleaned up the mess yet.

The man, after seeing Rowan yells out. "Do you know my name Marshal!"


"Then know it and remember always. I am Leonard Dominos and for the life of my little sister, Catherine, I will put a stake through your heart like the vampire you are. Go to Hell!"

"How dare you speak to me with such impudence, peasant!" Rowan says, dropping from his horse and drawing his sword. "It would be a wise idea to run, before you join her in the grave!"

With hatred burning in his eyes Leonard ran.


A lone tear falls down Rowan's face as he folds his hands in a silent prayer. He stands up and feels his heart beat like the running of a rabbit as he strolls toward him. Leonard sees him, the same hatred burning in his eyes as Rowan buckles onto his knees and then bows before him.


"Call me Griever."

"Griever, my life does belong to you. You have the right to take it as you please. However, that I may ask you one thing. To stay your blade until the deliverance of this town is finished. Then, willingly will I bow my head before you one last time and you may take what is so rightfully yours for something I took that wasn't mine so long ago."

"Your request, I grant it. Though I give you mercy you never showed me."

He breathes a deep sigh of relief. "Thank you."

He stands up and turns away from Griever as he goes back to the spit where he was eating.

The End

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