Norida~ Captured! S.O.S. AssignmentMature

  He swerved around quicker than I anticipated. In reflex, I dropped my goods and readied a hand-made arrow in the notch of the bow that Kiara had given me. I aimed as he watched me with furious caution. I was caught because of my carelessness. If I hadn't been so sluggish, if I hadn't acted so calmly in the presence of Marshall Twynam, then he most likely wouldn't have suspected me a bit. He did now though, without a doubt. In response to my move, he unsheathed his own sword and charged towards me.

  "Arrows move faster than blades," I said to him smugly as I dodged his attack. There was an odd sense of confidence in that moment. Despite my cockiness, however, I held fast to my logic and skills from recent training. Kiara had taught me how to use a bow and arrow, and I was prepared to battle with them. She had said that it was cleaner and more efficient than wielding a sword, although they had already given my father's blade back to me. Kate was beginning to trust me more, which I was glad for. I was happy that they were starting to see me as more of an ally than a threat.

  Corin came back with a scoff. "Not that a dog like you could even swing such a fine sword as this." My nose wrinkled at the remark. Dog? Hardly, for I was that of a feline descendant! It's not that I hated dogs; I really didn't mind them much. Still, that gave him no admission to bestow upon me such a name.

  I laughed bitterly. "A dog, you say? I believe you're mixing my species with yours. You see, I just so happen to be a human. You, on the other hand, are a different story. The arrow the goes through your black mutt heart shall represent justice throughout the entire country!" Pulling back as far as I could, I held the arrow there for a moment before releasing it. It flew over to him in an instant, but came up short. It took me a moment to realize what he had done. right before it was to touch his chest and pierce him. . . he caught it. He caught it? And he had caught me! My eyes widened with the dawning of this. Taking a proactive half-step backwards, he snapped the arrow in half and sprinted toward me again, eyes glaring in hatred. Temporarily throwing my fear and shock to the back of my mind, I bounded up into the trees just before he reached me. Taking half a second for relief, I jumped down into the forest and stayed low until I was sure he'd gone, then formed back into my cat-self.

  Close, I thought to myself. Far too close for any real comfort. Taking a moment to rest, I sat down and lounged in the shade. Unfortunately for me, however, my relaxation time was cut short, along with any hope I had of escaping the confrontation.

  "Sorry m'lady. Am I interrupting your gleeful reverie? Or are you even a lady?" His voice came from right behind me. Frozen with shear surprise and bewilderment, I was suspended from even attempting to move out of his arm's reach. I hadn't even the chance to blink before he picked me up and tossed me into a heavy woolen bag. I growled viciously. How could I be so careless as to let this happen? I had done it again, twice in one day. I felt so stupid! Flexing my claws, I frantically tore at the bag with all my might, desperate to get away from this horrible man. How had he even known it was me? Had he seen me change forms? Things just seemed to be getting worse and worse.

  My thoughts were interrupted again. "Human, you had said. What blasphemy, you cat-mutt half breed!" I cringed at the sharpness in his tone. I knew he was ruthless, but he sounded like he genuinely hated me, as if I had done something personal to him. In truth though, it was he who I was grudged against. He had indirectly destroyed all the happiness in my world, and now he was putting a wall of hatred between me and him, like I had wronged him! That retched man. . .

  A few moments later, I was released from my tattered bag-prison. Able to see once more, I took a long gander at my surroundings. It was a plain room, lined with concrete walls and a matching ceiling. In the middle of the small space was a table and two chairs, both at opposite ends of the table. An interrogation room, I thought. he wanted answers. I, however, was not about to give him those answers that he so much longed for. Instead, I was going to drag his days on for as long as possible until he eventually deterred and let me go. I trotted over to where the table was and laid down underneath one of the chairs. I couldn't talk in this form, so that, in turn, meant that he couldn't ask me any questions. And if he did, it wasn't like he was going to get an answer more than a meow. Laying my head on my front paws, I stayed curled up in that position until, after a long while of restless thoughts, I drifted into another nightmare-filled sleep.

  When I awoke, Corin was sitting at the chair across from the one I was sleeping under. Still in my cat form, I stretched and hopped up onto the chair. Fortunately, I was tall enough on the chair to see Twynam and what was atop the table-- a folded outfit of clothes and a small metal cup.

  "There is a washroom just through that door" -- he pointed discretely to a door in one of the corners of the room that I hadn't noticed before -- "where you may dress yourself. You are to come right back here when you are finished. Am I clear?"

  Crystal, I muttered mentally before taking the clothes in my mouth and trotting off to the washroom.

  The door had been cracked open, less even, than an inch. I nudged it open enough for me to go inside before setting the clothes down and shutting the door with an enthusiastic head-butt. Afterwards, I let myself form back into my human self. I would've had to anyway, in order to find the oil lamp. Besides, what cat could light a lamp with just its paws? It took me a while to find the lamp, but once I did, it didn't take very long to light it. Fast and efficiently, I changed into the clothes they had given me & washed my face with a metal bowl filled with warm water. This led me to believe that what the metal cup contained was also water. Probably cold water, as it was most likely for me to drink.

  Slowly going back to the table, I sat down at the chair that I had slept under last night. He gestured at the cup and a slice of bread that I supposed had appeared while I was in the washroom. I ripped a small piece from a corner of the bread and chewed slowly. I did not trust this man. How did I know he wasn't poisoning me? This hospitality was uncharacteristic for him. It was more than suspicious.

  Folding his hands together on the table, he said, "Now then, shall we begin?"

The End

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