Griever: Eternal Lion's BladeMature

Griever wandered through the camp. They had recently returned from distributing food and nothing had seemed wrong, but Griever was curious if it had really gone so smoothly. Women tended to hide things they thought was unnecessary to tell others. Well, at least no one seemed missing or hurt.

"How did it go?" Griever asked a passing woman. She ignored him and kept going. Not all women in the Night Hawks liked him yet. He would have to work on that.

Then, a face caught his vision. Following Kiera was Rowan, a soldier for the Marshall and a mass murderer of innocents. Griever wasn't the only one to pause. Others in the camp did the same. Griever wasn't surprised at the newcomer, though. No, surprise was the last feeling he felt. The Night Hawks had just gave him something. An opportunity.

Quickly! Griever's hand found a sword handle on the waist of a girl. Norida was her name. She hadn't the time to stop him, though. No one did. He was a lightning fast Lion in a flock of birds, going after the Hyena. It was weak. It would fall quickly.

The sword in his arm settled to a strike named Lion's Roar, arcing toward's Rowan's foul neck. It was almost there. Almost there! This beast would die. 

Hands jerked him to a stop, causing the sword to only nick Rowan's neck. It was then that the man noticed Griever. Their eyes met, recognition sparking from Grievers and the Beasts knew what from the creature before him.

"Let. Me. Go!" Griever whispered to the five people, three of which were men, who were holding him back. 

"Calm yourself Griever!" Kate's voice called, "He is no longer with the Sheriff!"

Griever looked to her, then to Rowan. The man looked haggard. Easily killed. It would be so easy. So easy...

"Fine," Griever snapped, throwing the people holding him back. He aimed the sword toward Rowan. "So help me God, should you give me a single reason to kill you, I will not hesitate to use the Eternal Lion's Blade to strike you down!" With that, Griever walked off.

The women made a path for him. He didn't notice. He was too angry. His grip tightened on the sword in his hands. One day, he WOULD get his revenge. 

"Give it back!" 

Norida grabbed the sword and pulled it from Griever. He let it go and continued walking. He would feel bad if he snapped any more today. And Norida was a nice enough lass. No need to hurt her feelings... 

No, he would simply plan. Plan on how to kill the one who killed his sister. 


The End

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