Rowan: FoundMature

“I am, stranger. Now tell me-what business do you have in these woods?” Kiara said, holding him at point.

He coughed, "My name is Rowan and I pray you can help me. Last night I was tired of it... just so tired..."

She put down the bow and looked at him with concern on her face. "Tired of what?"

"The sheriff, he steals women to be his own lovers. The guards, they rape women after curfew. The marshal, he puts men in jail for their knowledge of the Night Hawks." He smiled weakly, but proud, "I freed them all. They're all in another city. But then Corin came..."

"Corin? What about him?"

"We fought, he won, I ran away. He would've killed me, but I prayed, and God answered."

He coughed looking at his arm but saw no scarring. Instead, the flesh looked mottled and there was milky pus coming out. He reasoned it must have gotten infected from sleeping in the woods.

"Can you help me? I need medicine." He said as he stood up, holding his infected wound with his other hand.

"Yeah, sure, we'll see what we can do."

Kiara then led Rowan through the brush and trees, guiding him along the hidden paths of the forest, leading him along to the camp of the Night Hawks.

When they arrived at the camp everyone stopped the things they're doing and staresd intently on the stranger being led in by Kiara. A woman with waist-long mahogany curls whispered heatedly with Kiara outside of Rowan's zone of hearing.

"What the hell are you doing? Bringing someone to the camp!" The woman said.

Kiara defended herself, saying, "He is on our side. He freed dozens of people who were trapped by the sheriff and the marshal. He even fought Corin. Besides, he needs out help, look at his arm. If we leave him out in the forest he'll die and if he goes back to the town he'll be murdered. Aren't we supposed to be helping people here."

The woman gives a glare but nodded her head. Kiara then brought Rowan to the healer. The healer touched his forehead and shook her head. She grabbed a pouch of water and helped him drink some.

"He's hot, very hot. He has a bad fever. I can cure him, it'll take a couple days."

"Please, do whatever you can." Rowan spoke weakly and and in his weakness he passed out in the care of the healer.

The End

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