Ali: Caught TwiceMature

I peaked out from behind the tree as I watched Twynam shout about curfew. Curfew? Who cares about curfew? I giggle softly. He was injured and he was still worrying about curfew? I shook my head. But now that the girl wasn’t all focused on me, I decided to slip away. It was annoying enough to have someone watch me.

I whistled as I strolled away from the scene. While Twynam interested me, I was more curious as to what happened to Gary and Regina. Feefee I knew was already boiling in the pot.

“Ali?” A voice shouted from behind me. I darted behind a bush and watched as a figure rushed past me. “Where are you?”

I snickered silently as I watched her look around worried. I wasn’t going to let myself get caught so easily. I rushed off back into the forest with my slingshot. The deer didn’t seem enough. I spied a rabbit and killed it quickly.

“Hello Mr. Rabbit.” I waved at it. “I think I’ll try you raw.”

I loved raw meat. Cooked meat was fine, but raw meat was delicious. Which was why I felt upset when they boiled Feefee. That was fresh meat ruined. I’ve had raw deer plenty of times, but never rabbit. Maybe rabbit would taste a lot better.

I lcked my lips and was about to take a bite when I felt a pair of chubby hands grab me around the collar.

“There you are!”

Shoot. I was found and to my dismay, it wasn’t the girl but Bavra.

“Stoppit! I want to eat Mr. Rabbit!” I shouted waving the rabbit around.

“Not until that gets thrown in the pot.” She said sternly, grabbing the rabbit from my hand.

“No! Don’t do that!” I shouted trying to reach for Mr. Rabbit. “He doesn’t like being boiled alive.”

“The stupid rabbit’s dead.”

“He’s not stupid. Mr. Rabbit is really smart!”

“This Mr. Rabbit of yours is as dead as stone.” She said, waving the rabbit in my face. I reached forward and quickly grabbed it.

“Mine!” I twisted around and sank my teeth into the fleshy hand. I heard a scream and the hand let go, dropping me onto the ground. I scrambled to my feet and ran away. I turned back and stuck my tongue out at her.

“You can’t catch me!”

But of course, I landed right into the arms of Norida.

The End

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