Jem: The Second AttackMature

I sat near the fire, whittling another small wooden flute, thinking about the mysteries in my head. I noticed Griever releasing a mail pigeon, and it flew off to the north for a moment, then looped around and headed south. The letter could have contained anything, most places were south of Hamish, but once again, I felt my stomach drop with nervousness and tension.

I blew a few experimental notes on the flute, and was about to stand up as Kate approached the fire.

"Jem. I've just been informed there's a replacement delivery arriving today." She said as she sat down. "I think two deliveries raided in a week would cause a fair bit of trouble for our new Marshall, don't you?"

I smiled grimly. "Perhaps, though it could be dangerous to do two in a week. It could cast suspicion on this part of the forest."

"So we attack from another place." Kate pressed. "Before the cart reaches the edge of Hamish. In the midst of the forest perhaps."

"That could work. If the convoy comes at the same time as it did before, we will have to change the time of the attack." I stood up and handed Kate the flute. "I'll take a team and do some scouting for ambush points this morning."

"Excellent plan. Shall we entrust roles in this to our new recruits?" Kate asked.

I thought about it for a moment. "The man Greiver, perhaps. I do not trust him, but his strength could come in handy when its time to hide the evidence. The girl should stay, its too dangerous for her until she's had some training with a weapon. We should get someone to teach her immediately."

"Why do you not trust him?" Kate asked, her tone was almost accusing. "He was helpful during my trip to the market. It is his knowledge that gave me the name of the new Marshall. The girl, I agree with you on her account. Perhaps Kiara would train her?"

"I dont know." I thought about Griver and the letter he sent earlier. "Something about him sets me on edge. His timing was just too perfect, and his manners are just this side of too refined. What if he was sent here by the sheriff? As for Kiara, she would be a tough teacher, but patient. I think she would be a good choice."

"Or perhaps he is well trained and well brought up. We cannot know until we have tested him as we do all our newcomers. I will tell Kiara to begin immediately after our raid."

"Alright. I will take a team out immediately and prepare for the raid." I walked away, calling out to several members of the night hawks to prepare to set up an ambush.

"Griever, you're coming too," I ordered bluntly. Just because he would be helpful, didnt mean I had to like it.

The End

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