Ali: Back at CampMature

“Careful!” I shouted as I dragged Regina over a rock. “Don’t hurt yourself! It gets hard to the skin off that way.”

The edge of the forest was near and I saw an impending shadow looming ahead. Bavra, my stupid babysitter.

“Oh! Ali! Where have you been, you rascal!” She ran over and grabbed my ear.

“Ouch! Let go!” I shouted, grabbing at her arm.

“Not until you tell me what you’ve been off to.”

“If you don’t let go I’ll kill you!” I shouted, lashing out frantically.

She gave a haughty laugh.

“Sure. On my deathbed.”

I tried to make her let go, but her grip was too strong. Finally, I stopped, annoyed. She was going to pay later.

“Now, tell me, missy, where were you off to when I told you now to go into the forest?”

“The forest.” I replied defiantly.


“Rascal?” I cut her off short and then suddenly dodged out of her loosened grip, dragging the deer behind me.

“Oops, sorry Regina, I guess there will have to be a rip in your skin then!” I shouted as Regina bumped over a rock, ripping off a tiny bit of skin. I could hear Bavra shouting as she tried to chase after me. But with that plump little body of hers, and any amount of running was too much.

“You get back here!”

“Sorry miss, I need to skin these friends or else they’ll go bad.”

“Get back here!”

I ran off into the camp where I set the deer down in front of everyone.

“See!” I said waving the dead bodies of Feefee and Gary around at everyone. “I can kill things!”

The End

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