Ali: A Killer's ConfessionMature

I skipped into the forest humming lightly to a small tune. I wasn’t suppose to go into the forest. Or go with the raid. Or search party. Or whatever everyone was setting out for. Of course, apparently I’m too young and the battlefield was too dangerous. Yeah, so what? I could kill bears with my slingshot, was killing a human that hard? And of course when I tried to complain, they just laughed. Stupid old people underestimating me.

I growled, slightly annoyed. They claimed that the forest was “too dangerous for a little girl.”

“I’m not a little girl! I’m already ten!” I shouted into the forest, my upbeat mood immediately turned downcast. Stupid big people.

I trudged along a hidden forest path until I found a deer trail. Veering off the path, I followed to trail, loading my slingshot carefully. My skin was conveniently a shade greener than usual, perfect for hunting. I grinned as I jumped behind a tree, spying a few deer at the water hole.

“Hee hee, death to you all.” I laughed as I aimed my slingshot at the deer’s head.


The deer fell dead on the ground with a sharp stone lodged solidly at the base of it’s head. Instant kill. I loaded quickly shot two more deer before they ran off. Three deer was enough for today. I jumped out behind the tree and ran to the dear excitedly.

“Shame shame. I told you you were going to die. See?” I looked at the dead mockingly. “Now that’s what happens when you don’t listen me.”

I leaned forward and searched the deer for the few stones I used up. These weren’t just simple stones picked up from the ground. These were stones specially shaped for slingshots. An egg shaped bottom and a razor sharp tip. Dangerous and deadly.

“Now time to go little deer. We need to get you back so the others can skin you. It’s really fun! I promise! I saw it once. There was blood all over the place. And fur. And it smelled. PU!” I wrinkled my nose, recalling the putrid smell. “But it’s still really fun.”

I nodded and began hauling the deer behind me, whistling a quick tune. I was halfway through the forest before I got too tired of dragging them.

“I think we should take a rest here.” I said, setting them down by a tree so I could rest for a bit. I inspected each of the deer.

“I don’t suppose you want to tell me your names, do you?” I peered into each other their dark glossy eyes. “I guess not. Well, I’ll have to make up names for you then.”

I pointed at the first one.

“You shall be Gary.” I smiled and reached out to help Gary nod his head. “Did you know, Gary, that I knew a Gary once that was really big like you?”

Gary shook his head.

“Well, he was really large and he lived in a house that had lots of bread in it. I wanted one so one day I walked in and took one. He got really mad at me. And his face turned really red. Do you know what I did, Gary?”

Gary shook his head again. I looked around before I leaned in and whispered in his ear.

“I killed him.”

Gary stared at me.

“Really! I did! It was really scary. There was blood all over the place. But people never found out that I did it. They thought that the dog went crazy and bit him. They killed dog. Poor dog.”

I sighed and stroke Gary’s limp head. I got up and began dragging them back again.

I named the other two Regina and Feefee.

I killed both of them too.

The End

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