Ash Richards - Oliver

When Natalie saw Oliver her eyes widened which made me shift uncomfortably. She was looking at him appreciatively in a way I didn't like. "This is Oliver" I introduced numbly. "Oliver this is my new girlfriend Natalie"

It was only when I said that did she look at me a little guiltily. I stepped up to her and slid my arm round her waist. "Oh, Oliver" my mother said. "That letter was from you. I would of given it to Ash much quicker if I knew"

Well, that answered my earlier question. "So, like I was saying how long are you staying?"

"As long as I'm welcome" Oliver smiled.

My mother bit her lip in thought. "Oh well, Natalie is staying in the spare room" she said glancing at me. "Unless.." my mother hinted cheekily.

"I'll just move in with Ash" Natalie said seeming to say it in a way that she'd hope it would cheer me up. She had just gawked at my friend like she wanted to reel him in. My mother smiled bringing her hands together.

"Brilliant" she said.

"I'll just go help Natalie move her stuff" I said leading her out of the room. Oliver flashed Natalie smile which annoyed me. He'd noticed the staring too and being the player he would soon start flirting.

Natalie noticed the smile which had been very flirty already which made her flushed. I saw it and she looked down guiltily. "Sorry" she muttered.

"I should of told him to leave" I grumbled.

Natalie slipped her hand into mine. "No, Ash. You should see your friends" she smiled sheepishly. 

I scoffed. "He's not gonna wanna to spend time with me" I mutter. "Oliver's just a player" 

"Oh" Natalie muttered as we reached her room. We gathered together her stuff quietly and took it through to my room. 

"Just promise me you wont allow yourself alone in either a bedroom or the living room with him" I say putting down the box and turning to her.

"Gosh, Ash, I'm not gonna sleep with him" she says angrily. "Do you trust me that little?"

"No, Natalie" I say quickly embarrassed stroking her cheek. "Its not you that I'm worried about its him. I don't really trust him" 

Natalie relaxed leaning into my touch and a different silence fell over us. I put my hand on her hip pulling her up to me. She looked up at me with half opened eyes which stirred something in my stomach. "I love you, Ash. I'm not gonna cheat on you" Natalie said as out lips brushed against one another's. 

"I know. I'm sorry" I whisper. "I love you too, Natalie"

Then we kissed making a warmth spread through my body. "I can always make it up to you" Natalie said in a nervous attempt to seduce. I laughed then kissed her deeper drawing her closer to me and the bed.

The End

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