Natalie Brooks - Girl's Day Out

The day had been a great one. Ash and I had spent loads of time together, just getting to fall in love with each other even more. I loved every minute with him and treasured it in my heart so when I ended up being taken away the following day, I was quite unsure about it. 

Ash's mom wanted to have a girls day out with me. I guess I could understand why, seeing as she'd been living alone while Ash was away during vacation and especially after what happened to her daughter...she needed a breather. And that was one main reason why I said yes.

The day out hadn't been that bad, we'd mainly gone shopping. Doing girly things like going to the spa, buying dresses and having a make-over (which I had no complaint against considering how bland I felt these days). She showed me around the city as well.

By the time we left the mall, it was nearing 7 p.m and I didn't regret my being away from Ash for the day as much as I had before. I felt fresher - and I certainly looked that way too. Ash's mom was cool and I loved her a lot, I couldn't help being reminded of my own family. I wondered how they're doing.

It was when we pulled onto the driveway of the house did we notice that we had company. There were tire tracks on the way to the garage, which was unusual considering they looked pretty recent. Stepping out, I asked, "Are we having visitors over again?"

Ash's mom shrugged. "I'm not sure...we're not supposed to."

Shopping bags in hand, we climbed up the stairs to the porch and then opened the front door (which surprisingly hadn't been locked) to hear voices from the living room, one belonging to Ash and the other unfamiliar. 

They stopped talking when they heard us, and Ash popped his head from the corner and grinned. "They're here," he said, smiling at someone I couldn't yet see. 

Then, I saw him. 

The End

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