Ash Richards -

I found myself alone the next day. My mother had taken Natalie out. For what reason I didn't know. I was scared she was going to have a talk with her about how she didn't want to see me hurt and all that. I didn't know. Okay, I really was starting to grip at straws.

Getting up I headed downstairs. I found a letter address to me and picked it out of the letter pile. I frowned. Why had my mum not given me this? I went and sat down at the kitchen table opening up the letter. I found a letter from my friend Oliver. My eyes widened as they fell on the words 'I'll be coming this weekend'

"Shoot" I got up and dialled my mum but it went straight to voicemail. Today was Friday. So that meant he was going to arrive this evening.

I then tried Natalie who also didn't answer. Great. They were going to be in for a surprise this evening.

The End

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