Natalie Brooks - Great Day

The air was fresh, filled with the pleasant scent of the garden that surrounded the area. The weather was also just perfect. Even though it was busy and slightly cramped, the center of New York wasn't all that bad like I thought it would be in a city such as this. Kids ran around with ice cream cones in their hand, parents trying to stop them anxiously. 

I searched for Ash, seated on a stone bench. He'd said he was going to go buy something for us to eat, which I didn't have any objection with considering I was slightly hungry myself. Yet he was taking an awfully long time. After all, how long would it take for someone to get a sandwich?

Just as I thought this, I saw Ash walk out from the crowd with a bouquet in his hands. A smile on his lips, he stepped forwarded and handed it to me, seeming slightly shy which I thought was cute as I accepted the sweet surprise.

"So this is what you went to buy?" I sniffed the bouquet, smiling to myself before looking up to meet his gaze. 

"Yeah," he answered simply with a shrug. "I haven't bought flowers for you before and I thought why not?" Grinning, he leaned down and gave me a tender kiss on the lips which I happily reciprocated, wrapping my arms around my neck.

I felt like the happiest girl in the world. And no one could change that. Not Mollie, not Adam and not anyone else.  

The End

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