Ash Richards - It happened

I'd only gone round to the shop. Making an excuse about getting something to eat I had gone to the local flower shop. I stood there awkwardly. I'd never bought flowers except once for my mum but I'd been with Mollie. It was only a moment later that I suddenly saw her down the street.

She saw me and walked up with a smiled then saw me looking at flowers. "For your mum again?" she teased.

"No. I'm getting some for Natalie"

Her face briefly showed emotions of annoyance before she smiled. "She seems... nice" she said hesitantly. I shrugged not feeling that this was right. Natalie was worried about how close I seemed around Mollie although she had nothing to worry about... I think.

"She sort of saved me from myself" I said looking at the floor.

Mollie tensed. "I wouldn't go that far. You would of found yourself in the end" she said cheekily putting a hand on my cheek and stroking it. I would have pulled away but she met my eyes and hers were filled with pain. I froze. "I could have been there for you"

"Mollie..." I trailed off then when I tried to speak again she kissed me. Her mouth met mine it a hot heated mess. She wrapped her arms round my next not allowing me to pulled back. Her tongue slid into my mouth making me feel a little ill. This wasn't right. I shouldn't be doing this. I still couldn't pull away though and I'm not sure I would be doing if I could.

Eventually she stopped but didn't let me go. "See... How can you kiss me like that and be with that other girl?"

I sighed removing her arms off my body. "I didn't kiss you, Mollie. You kissed me"

"No" she said clenching her fists angrily. "You kissed back. You shouldn't lie, Ash. In fact why don't we go tell Natalie now that you've had a change of heart"

I felt my mood darken and I grabbed her wrist. "I love her, Mollie. Just except that. I did love you but what we had... it isn't happening again" then after saying that I walked off.

The End

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