Natalie Brooks - Silent Visits

It made me happy to know that Ash wanted to share this experience with him. But I could see how much of a broken man he'd become after his sister's death. Tears slowly started to form in his already stormy eyes and he didn't even make an effort to wipe them away as they started falling down the sides of his face.

Pulling me into an embrace, he rested me on his lap and I leaned back against his chest, feeling the uneven beats of his heart. I could only imagine how much it pained Ash to be here, a place he never imagined he'd be in the situation to visit before.

She'd been so young, and yet...

Sighing sadly, I turned my head to look at Ash who sat silently and still. His eyes were fixed upon the gravestone and he didn't say anything to break the moments that lasted. Peaceful yet filled with grief...each a contradicting side that both of us didn't know how to deal with.


"Ash," I said, breaking the ice. More than an hour had passed and it was getting close to noon. We both hadn't felt the time pass but it was only appropriate to mention it.

"Yeah," he muttered softly. Without another word he stood up and helped me up to my feet. With one last glance at his sister's resting place, we left the cemetery. I interlaced my fingers with his as we held hands, giving him a comforting squeeze.

"It'll be alright, you know," I whispered with an encouraging smile.

"I know." His eyes meeting mine the next second, he smiled back, the kind of smile that had my heart hammering insanely within my chest. "It already is."

The End

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