Ash Richards - Sharing

We headed out after I had took a shower. Not needing one Natalie just waited down stairs. Had I been in a normal mood I wouldn't have cared and would have tugged her off for another shower with me since there was nothing stopping us being intimate. Well, nothing but the bruises patterning her skin. I tugged my jacket on and grabbed some sunglasses sliding them atop my head. 

Hopefully it didn't get too sunny today but there was one place I had to go. My fingers tingled with nerves and my body protested against going but I had to. Heading downstairs I found Natalie waiting in a pair of tight jeans and a long sleeve top. "Hey" she smiled. "Ready?"

I nodded. "There is somewhere I have to go" I told her as we moved to the garage and I opened it up to reveal a dusty car sitting there. 

"You didn't say you had a car" she laughed as I unlocked the door to help her in. I smiled slightly and she looked up at me. The look she gave me made my chest hurt from painful memories and I closed the door moving round to get in the drivers seat. 

I sat there for a moment one leg hanging out as I ran a hand of the steering wheel. My head began to ache so I took a slow breath. Natalie was watching me silently a frown on her face while she bit her lip concerned. Swinging my leg in I closed the door and revved the engine. It hummed to life and I smiled down faintly. "Yeah, had this car a long time"

"Really.... why did you stop using it?" 

I looked over at her then moved to reverse it out onto the drive before having to get out again to close the garage. Natalie didn't repeat her question seeming to get all the answers she needed from my eyes. She didn't ask where we were going either but she did shift in her seat as we pulled into the cemetery's car park. I turned the engine off and for a few moment we sat in silence.

Then without saying a word I got out pulling my glasses down to shade my eyes. "Ash... are you sure about this?" she said softly looking me up and down. I know what she was seeing. Hunched shoulders and a clear defeated stance.

"I'm sure" I said holding my hand out to her. She came over and took it and we quietly walked down to my sisters grave. I didn't care if it had just rained and knelt down on the grass which turned out it was dry. I put my hand onto the standing stone and lowered my head.

I heard Natalie move behind me before I felt her chin rest on my shoulder and her arms round my waist. I put my free hand atop of one of hers before looking firmly at the grave. "Hey, sis" I whispered tracing the engraved cross at the top with my finger.

Natalie hugged me tighter. "Do you want to be alone?"

"No" I said merely before allowing us to fall into silence. 

The End

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