Natalie Brooks - A Day Out?

I kept pinching myself under the table as I had breakfast in silence alongside Ash who sat across me. His eyes were fixed on my face, concern and worry clear on his own. I knew my being hurt, hurt him as well. And a part of me felt plain stupid for telling him the truth. All I'd done was ruined the day. But maybe I could turn things around?

After breakfast was over, I stood up from the table and set the now empty bowl of cereal in the sink alongside with Ash (who had barely eaten anything). He was still looking pretty grim, not that I could blame him for it, so I decided to come up with a plan to cheer him up.

"So it's pretty sunny outside today for a change," I said with a smile. He didn't even look out the window as we sat on the bed, nodding. Cringing slightly, I continued, "So, do you want to go out?"

"I'm not really in the mood," he said dully, folding his arms across his chest as he leaned back against the canopy of the bed.

Sighing, I took hold of his hands and said reassuringly, "Ash. I promise I won't do anything stupid like that again. And I know I hurt you but-"

"It's he who is the problem," Ash interrupted. "Not you."

"I made a promise to you. And I won't break it." I looked into his eyes which were still blank, refusing to show any emotion. "I promise I won't break my promise."

That made him smile a little and he sighed, pulling me forward lightly as I fell into his arms in an embrace. "I just love you too much," he sighed into my hair. My heart skipped a beat happily.

"I love you more." Then looking up at him, resting my chin on his shoulder I asked, "So? Ready for the day out then?"

The End

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