Ash Richards - Ambush

Natalie was already up when I woke. She was combing through her now wet hair. I quietly got up and moved silently up behind her so I could hug her round the waist. She jumped and began to pull away as she also looked over her shoulder. When she saw me though she turned in my arms and gave me a soft smile.

"Hey" she whispered as a flush ran across her cheek as memories of last night seemed to pass through both our minds. It had been awkward and my hip now was aching terribly but it had been worth it.

Hearing Natalie's soft breath feeling her lips on mine in a tired weak kiss as we paused every so often for a breather. It had been more the connection that the actually pleasure that made the whole thing blissful. I stroked back a stray strand of wet hair and leaned down to relax my lips on hers. It was a sort of kiss that was just natural. It didn't have to be passionate or prove anything because it was just affectionate in itself. "Morning, lover" I breathed as our lips parted.

Natalie tried to take a steady breath but they came out shaky causing the mint smell to reach my nose. "I think you need to go brush your teeth" she chuckled teasing me. I shook my head and moved off to the bathroom. To her bathroom. I leant forward looking myself in the mirror and the little smirk that now rested on my lips.

It wouldn't go away even as I brushed my teeth. The edges of my mouth were just tipped up in this constant smirk. I didn't understand it. I had never been like this before. So pleased with myself and so wanting to not let Natalie out of my sights.

I guess that was why even after we went downstairs I still moved behind her hugging her hip and kissing her neck. "Stop it, Ash" Natalie laughed trying to reach for the milk for her cereal but I was in the way so she slipped out of my grip to get it. I leant next to the counter where her bowl lay waiting. As she reached up to get the milk from the top of the fridge I tense.

There was glimpse of a purple yet beginning to yellow out bruise on her hip but I didn't see where it ended. Natalie turned round a smile on her face which fell when she saw the smile had fallen off of mine.

"When were you going to tell me?" I said slowly. Natalie swallowed putting the milk down and hugging her stomach nervously. "Natalie..."

I couldn't help but press it even with the tears blooming in her eyes. "I was mad at him" she whispers. "I just thought.... I was just going to confront him"

"Confront him?" I snapped storming over and yanking her shirt up to see bruises everywhere before letting it drop. "Natalie there are bruises all over you. He took advantage of you. You should of told me I would have-"

"You would have what?" she snapped back tears now falling. "Stumbled out of your hospital bed and done what? Let him beat you up again. Just drop it, Ash. It happened and its happened before. I get over it"

I shoved a hand back through my hair before turning and slamming a fist on a cupboard door. Natalie jumped stepping far back. "We made love, Natalie" I choke.

"And it was wonderful" she whispered reaching out to lay a hand on my arm and draw it back from the cupboard. I looked down at her with pained eyes while she looked back scared. Scared for me.

It was a relief she wasn't scared of me after how I had just lost control of my anger. I turned to her letting go a sigh and taking her face between her hand. "Don't ever go near him again" I hissed desperate. "Promise me that"

She swallowed scared. "I promise" she choked. I tugged her to me holding her tightly as she began to cry. I couldn't lose her.

I couldn't....

The End

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