Natalie Brooks - The Morning After

The sun streamed in through a crack in the curtains that were so delicately closed, as if to preserve the memory of last night. Yet I knew the purpose behind my letting the drapes fall had been something else entirely. I shivered slightly but looked up, a smile lingering on my lips as I watched Ash breathe softly in his sleep.

His beautiful blond hair fell across his forehead, his fringe slightly ruffled. Eyes closed peacefully in his sleep with one arm around my waist, he rested. I couldn't help but feel happiness and love swell  in my heart at the sight of him. Nevertheless, I knew Ash should never know about what Adam had done to me.

Slowly lifting his arm off my waist, I quietly sneaked out of bed and entered the shower, taking along a set of fresh clothes. I let the warm water fall down on me, loosening the tight muscles of my back that still ached.

The previous night had been beautiful...yet it hurt me. My bruises and injuries from Adam were yet to fade away and the slightest move brought about streaks of pain shooting through my body. But the pain had been so worth it with Ash.

Luckily enough though, the darkness had been perfect. He hadn't seen any of them. But I had a feeling that Ash would soon find out. He always did, someway or another. And sometimes, I had a feeling he'd known all along.

The End

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