Ash Richards - Darkness

Mollie left after dinner with a promise to come round again. I could tell that made Natalie mad. I headed up the stairs a while after her finding her in her room with a very tense feeling in the air.

"Natalie?" I whispered walking over to her in the dim light. She turned to me and tugged down her shirt. She was half way through getting changed and my eyes began to wander before I made sure to turn my attention back to her. "Look, I'm sorry about Mollie. I-"

"I don't want to talk about her" Natalie said turning away. 

I quickly reached out and caught her wrist. "Natalie, don't be like that" I said annoyed opening my mouth to say something else but she got there first.

"Don't be like what?" she said angrily. "Be annoyed cause she was all over you. I suppose I have no reason to be. We never really did say we were girlfriend and boyfriend did we. We've barely gone anywhere"

I flinched and gritted my teeth. I took her face between my hands. "That's cause I don't want to push you. I've been waiting for you. Natalie, I love you"

She froze then turned away. "That's just words" she choked out. I grasped her hips turning her round. 

"Natalie, wasn't sticking up to Adam just proof of how much I care for you?" I whispered pained. "Don't you understand I care for you a lot"

"Stop. I'm sorry" she sighed. "I know you care for me it's just.."

"Just what?"

She swallowed and turned her face away. "Maybe she'd be better for you then me. You seemed to get on really well tonight and-"

I pressed my lips on hers to silence her. I couldn't argue that me and Mollie didn't get along cause we did but that was cause we'd known each other for years. I couldn't get rid of all that history but any love I'd felt for Mollie had faded away and been replaced by a love for Natalie. "I don't care about Mollie" I whispered kissing Natalie again and moving her backwards. "I care about you. I love you, Natalie"

"Ash.." Natalie choked as we reached the bed. I hushed her. I didn't care if my hip was messed up. I was going to show Natalie just how much I loved her. I wanted her to feel just how much I loved her so that's exactly what I did.

The End

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