Natalie Brooks - Give Me A Break

My nerves were on fire, literally standing on edge as I watched Mollie practically hit on my boyfriend. Not like I could do anything to stop her; if I tried to, Ash would think I was 'misinterpreting' their friendship or some crap like that. So I kept quiet and tried to suppress the urge to jump on her and strangle her as I picked at my food.

They'd spent the night together? When? Oh right: they had the whole history thing. I couldn't help but feel a slight prick of jealousy at the fact that Mollie had gotten to know Ash longer than I had.

Does that mean he cares less for me than he does for Mollie? It could be a factor why he'd choose her over me (which I'm rather surprised he hasn't done already).

My chicken grew cold, untouched with scraps of the meat lying on the plate uneaten. I wasn't hungry. Instead my stomach churned in anticipation as I tried avoiding the eyes of Ash and Mollie who were talking to each other.

"Hey! Do you remember that time you crept into my room in the middle of the night, just because you felt like seeing me?" Mollie asked enthusiastically, not really giving any effort to talk silently. Ash nodded, but I saw his lips twitch as if he were going to smile.

Annoyed, I angrily stabbed at a pea and forced it into my mouth, munching on the small thing while trying to keep a poker face. This was off my limits. I just had to ignore them.

That has got to be easy, right?

It should be! It's not like Ash has any feelings for Mollie still...right? Right?

The End

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